Solve and Avoid Common Problems

Migrating to GridPane is smooth sailing for most websites, but there are some common themes to the problems we see on support. Most of these are easily avoidable once you know what to look for, and these guides will help you quickly diagnose problems if any do occur, and avoid most altogether. 

Part 1

Diagnosing Migration Issues

Migrating to GridPane is usually smooth sailing, but this article will help you diagnose issues should they occur and help prevent them altogether.

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Part 2

Diagnosing Caching Issues

Moving to GridPane caching is usually a huge performance booster, but it’s set up is quite different to regular caching. This article will help you diagnose/prevent caching issues.

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Part 3

Diagnosing SSL Issues

This article will help new users prevent common SSL issues, and learn how to diagnose the more complex ones.

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Part 4

Diagnosing Performance Issues and 504 Timeouts

The GridPane stack is built to perform. If you’re experiencing any performance issues or 504 timeouts, start here.

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Part 5

WP Debug and Query Monitor

If one of your websites is experiencing performance issues, this article will help you get started diagnosing the problem. 

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Part 6

Diagnosing and Fixing: “Error Establishing a Database Connection”

Database issues can be frustrating and a little scary. This article will help you diagnose and fix them should they ever happen.

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