Fully Managed WordPress Hosting by GridPane and Vultr

Fast, secure, and reliable. We make hosting your WordPress websites on Vultr cloud servers simple and easy.

Why Choose PeakFreq?

We're making the most sought after high-performance cloud servers available to everyone

We’re passionate about WordPress, and we’ve spent over 5 years building the right tools to make highly-performant, secure, and reliable WordPress hosting available to everyone. With PeakFreq, we’ve made this even easier. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just getting started working with WordPress, our software combined with Vultrs hardware offers the most cost-effective managed WordPress service on the market.


WordPress Hosting Done Right

Simplify your WordPress hosting and grow your business with easy site management, built-in performance, advanced security, and 24/7 access to our WordPress experts on support.

Pro Features

Staging & Backups

Our excellent backup system offers both local and remote backup options, from hourly to monthly, and with no restrictions on how long they remain available to you for. The industry average of 4 weeks doesn’t cut it for many websites, so rest assured that PeakFreq will not force this same restriction on you.

Our staging system offers an extremely reliable way to test your updates, develop directly on your server, and smoothly move your websites from live to staging or staging to live anytime.

24/7 Team and Built-in Monitoring Systems

Expert Support

GridPane has built a stellar reputation for their 24/7 support, and we’re bringing our expertise and in-house monitoring systems to offer a fully managed solution designed to dramatically cut down on the amount of support you may have needed in the past at other hosting companies. Our systems are highly reliable, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead of attending to support-related dumpster fires.

Host WordPress on the highest performance Vultr servers

Transparent PHP worker, CPU, RAM, and disk specs. Server resources are shown upfront instead of hidden from you.

Ultrafast CPU

Vultr's High-Frequency and High-Performance servers are well known for ultrafast page loads.

High Performance RAM

Fast RAM can make all the difference when it comes to dynamic workloads like WooCommerce, LMS, and BuddyBoss.

Massive SSD Storage

Cloud servers come with far more SSD storage than regular hosting plans, so you can host more websites for less, without sacrificing performance.

Getting Started

How much should you deposit?

PeakFreq will likely save you a significant amount on your current monthly spend, and the service will be approximately 30% cheaper than Cloudways. That said, we’d recommend depositing the same amount as your current monthly hosting spend. For example, if you’re spending $300/month at Cloudways, we’d recommend depositing $300.

Optional: Whiteglove Migrations

100 white Glove Server migrations are available with this discount and with a full 100% credit towards your future PeakFreq fees. 

Here’s a specific example: You purchase three server migrations with a 30% discount, and you pay a total of $525. Under the terms of this current special, you get three full server white glove migrations (including site and tenancy audits) with *unlimited sites* migrated, AND you get a full $525 worth of credits applied to your future PeakFreq spending.

Please Note:
  • Full server migrations happen on OUR schedule. We will do our best to accommodate special timing constraints on your end, but ultimately, we have to coordinate between our team and (at times) the team at Vultr to execute more complex migrations.
  • Not all sites/servers will be eligible for migrations (i.e. if your site is currently down or requires Apache, etc).

Our Guarantee

We guarantee better performance for the same money or less - or your money back

The GridPane Core plan is 100% free, and trying PeakFreq is completely risk-free!