PeakFreq Next Steps

PeakFreq vs Cloudways

The below comparison is for one of the most popular server size (not the only server size).

Popular VPS Comparison
Monthly Price


Save 30%!


Server ProviderVultrDigitalOcean
CPU FrequencyMax 5.1 GHzMax 3.35 GHz*
CPU Cores 22
Disk Space (Storage)128 GB80 GB
Data Center Locations3212
No Site Limits
24/7 Support
Page CachingHigh Performance NginxConvoluted**
Redis Object CachingObject Cache Pro, but without Relay
Daily Backups
Backup RetentionUp to 1 year1-4 weeks

*This refers to their premium AMD droplets, which consistently outperform the equivalent Intel droplots on independent benchmarks.
**Cloudways use a confusing and less than ideal caching stack for WordPress

Getting Started

How much should you deposit?

PeakFreq will likely save you a significant amount on your current monthly spend, and the service will be approximately 30% cheaper than Cloudways. That said, we’d recommend depositing the same amount as your current monthly hosting spend. For example, if you’re spending $300/month at Cloudways, we’d recommend depositing $300.

Optional: Whiteglove Migrations

Just One Hundred White Glove Server migrations are available with this discount and with a full 100% credit towards your future PeakFreq fees. 

Here’s a specific example: You purchase three server migrations, with the 30% discount, and you pay a total of $525. Under the terms of this current special you get three full server white glove migrations (including site and tenancy audits) with *unlimited sites* migrated AND you get a full $525 worth of credits applied to your future PeakFreq spending. 

Note: full server migrations happen on OUR schedule. We will do our best to accommodate special timing constraints on your end but ultimately we have to coordinate between our team and (at times) the team at Vultr to execute more complex migrations. Particularly when we’re trying to retain an existing IP address.

Not all sites/servers will be eligible for migrations (i.e. if your site is currently down or requires Apache etc).

Multiple updates regarding your migration schedule will roll out over the coming days.