The Next-Generation Object Caching Solution for WordPress

Introducing the Relay + Object Cache Pro Integration

Cache your database for ultra-fast dynamic page loading AND save server resources with Relay Redis and Object Cache Pro.


Relay keeps a super-efficient partial replica of Redis data in PHP's memory, offering a massive boost to WordPress speed. It effortlessly manages millions of requests per second, minimizing Redis communication and saving server resources and bandwidth.

Redis Object Cache Pro

Object Cache Pro is the upgrade to the free Redis object cache plugin. When combined with Relay, this is extremely powerful for WooCommerce, LMS sites, BuddyBoss, or any dynamic sites where users are actively logged in/managing the backend.

Upgrade Your Website Performance

Relay Included

GridPane is one of the few hosting services where Relay is available.

Massive Performance Boost

Relay is a Redis™ client like PhpRedis and Predis, except two orders of magnitude faster. Object Cache Pro is built to allow your websites to take advantage of Relay (along with an improved admin experience).

Significant Reduction of MySQL Memory Usage

Your servers want to move your databases into memory. Relay can offer a significant reduction in your MySQL memory footprint, meaning more sites per server, and/or preventing the need to upscale.

Built in Database Cache Priming

Cache priming is the process of preloading or warming up the cache to ensure that the most frequently accessed content is readily available for visitors, enhancing site performance.

Debugging & Logging

The opt-in logging and detailed error reporting makes troubleshooting becomes a breeze. You can even integrate your own PSR-3 logger for added flexibility.

Rigourous, Continual Testing

Each alteration to the codebase undergoes rigorous testing against all supported PHP versions and various Redis configurations, comprising single instances and clusters ranging from version 4.0 to 7.0, boasting over 1500 test cases to ensure complete coverage.

WooCommerce Logo

WooCommerce Optimized

Object Cache Pro undergoes thorough testing and optimization specifically for WooCommerce. Additionally, we continuously monitor the WooCommerce codebase and upcoming releases to address any potential caching issues, ensuring your peace of mind.

Getting Started with Relay

Huge savings! Relay starts from $147-$287/month per server and is invitation only.

Regular pricing for Redis Object Cache Pro starts at $95/month per site.

Relay will be available for purchase directly inside your GridPane account. Pricing differs between plan types and will be published shortly.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy with your purchase, no worries. This offer comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if it’s requested within 30 days of purchase.

1 Website


Or $200/year

Licensing to run Relay and Redis Object Cache Pro on 1 website.

5 Websites


Or $500/year

Licensing to run Relay and Redis Object Cache Pro on 5 websites.

10 Websites


Or $750/year

Licensing to run Relay and Redis Object Cache Pro on 10 websites.

20 Websites


Or $1000/year

Licensing to run Relay and Redis Object Cache Pro on 20 websites.

50 Websites


Or $1750/year

Licensing to run Relay and Redis Object Cache Pro on 50 websites.

100 Websites


Or $2000/year

Licensing to run Relay and Redis Object Cache Pro on 100 websites.


Your Developer Plus account includes a Relay + Redis Object Cache Pro plugin license for one website while your account subscription is active.

Any licenses purchased on this page will be in addition to this license. For example, if you purchase another 100 through this promotion, your total will be 101 websites.

GridPane installs and maintains Relay on your servers and ensures that Relay and the Redis Object Cache Pro plugin work as intended with WordPress.

GridPane does not optimize the Redis Object Cache Pro settings for your individual websites.

The renewal date is one year from the date of purchase. 

GridPane will provide you with your licenses via our support system. These licenses can be activated via CLI commands, and will ultimately be available directly within the UI in the future. 

This special introductory pricing is sold on a bundle basis. To add more sites you can purchase additional bundles.

Once this special offer has ended, you will be able to purchase more licenses at our regular rate within your GridPane account.