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The affiliate program is open to everyone who is on the Panel plan or above.
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High Payouts and Profit Sharing


One time payout for Agency plan referrals


Commission for Developer Plus plans + 10% recurring.


Commission for Panel plans + 10% recurring*.

*Above Panel commissions apply to pricing from 25th November 2022 onwards.

3 Developer plan referrals per month earns you $1500/month commission, plus 10% recurring every month after. First Year Total: $27,900

Grow Your Passive Recurring Income

Helping you grow your recurring revenue is at the heart of what we do here at GridPane. Our affiliate program offers you the chance to add another revenue stream to your business.

Example Earnings

3 Developer Plus plan referrals each month for 1 year equals:

  • $18,000 in one-time payments
  • $9900 from recurring monthly payouts

Super Affiliate Promotions

Do you have a large audience you’d like to promote GridPane to? Do you have clients that would be an excellent fit for you agency plan? There are multiple ways we can work with you, including live webinars and special deals for your audience.

Call with Patrick

To discuss affiliate promotion opportunities, schedule a call with our CEO Patrick.

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Design Assets

Banners are available to promote GridPane on your website. More banners will be available in the future as well. If you have a particular idea in mind for a banner, please let us know.

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The affiliate commissions are $100 for a Panel account referral, $500 for a Developer Plus account referral, and up to $1500 for an Agency account referral.

Panel and Developer accounts, also receive a 10% recurring commission each month while the referred account remains active.

Agency plans are a 1-time payout only. We offer a big initial finders fee, but due to the high-touch nature of these accounts, the 10% recurring fee monthly commission is not available for these referrals.

You will get paid 40 days after your referred lead purchases a GridPane product. That timeframe covers our 30 days’ money-back guarantee and the ten days we need for the transaction. The 40 days period starts after the free trial period.

We pay out commissions via PayPal. The PayPal address will default to the email address associated with your Affiliate account. You can change the PayPal address in your affiliate dashboard at

For super affiliate relationships, we may be able to arrange other payment methods.

Unfortunately, importing from our previous affiliate system has a few issues, so you will need to sign up again and create a new referral link.

After signing up, your affiliate account dashboard will display your affiliate URL. This URL defaults to a token generated based on your name, but inside your account, you’ll also be able to change this if you prefer.

If a lead visits your GridPane URL, we set a cookie for 60 days. The referral will appear in your affiliate dashboard as a click, and if the lead signs up for a GridPane plan, your referral count will increase.

The most recent click will be awarded the conversion

The most recent referral click will always be awarded a sign-up conversation.

For example, if someone referred the same lead as you two weeks earlier, but then today, this same lead signed up after clicking your link, you would receive this conversion, not the previous referrer. 

Link to any page

We track every page on 

Cookies are set for 60 days.

To view your referral statistics, simply log into your affiliate account at Here you will see your affiliate link click count, the number of referral sign-ups, paid customer conversions (after the free trial period), and your earnings summary.

You will find details on your referrals as soon as they click on your link and land on – every single page is tracked, and click and sign-up statistics are instant.

Paid conversions will display once your referrals have made their first payments.

Due to the high-touch nature of these accounts, the 10% recurring fee monthly commission is not available for Agency referrals. Instead, to our knowledge, it is the industry’s highest commission.

Also, there is a significant investment needed on our part when onboarding new Agency accounts, and there’s also a significant discount available if the client decides to pay annually. All of this would need to be tracked manually, and that’s not viable at this time.

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