Create Fast, Secure WordPress Websites and Manage Them Easily With GridPane

Customize the way you deploy sites, then create a brand new website complete with a staging website, firewall, server page and object caching, DNS integration, and SSL certificate in just a few clicks.

Your Own High-Performance WordPress Servers in 15 Minutes

There are 5000+ data centers in over 130 countries.

Connect Your Services

Awesome API Integrations

Website Management Made Easy

At GridPane you have full control and access to all of the tools you need to effectively manage your WordPress websites and create your own inhouse hosting offering that rivals any managed host.

Easily Create and Configure Websites
Pre-install Theme and Plugin Bundles
Create Blueprint Starter Websites
A+ Grade SSL Certificates
Wildcard SSL Certificates
Easy PHP Management
One-Click PHPMyAdmin Access
Cloudflare API Integration
Easily Move/Clone Your Websites
Clone ALL Websites to a New Server
Suite of Security Tools
Local AND Remote Backups
High Performance Caching
Redis Object Caching
Advanced Staging Features
Full Access to ALL of Your Logs
Full, Unrestricted Root Access
Secure SFTP Access
Easily Turn On WordPress Debug
PHP and MySQL Slow Logging Tools
GP-CLI and WP-CLI for Quick Management
Full and Hybrid Git Integrations
WordPress Multitenancy
Multisite Support and WP Ultimo Integration

Configure and Create Websites in Just a Few Clicks

GridPane allows you to configure all of the following when you create new websites so your preferred settings are all activated for you as your website is created:

Bundles: Auto Theme & Plugin Installation

Create Bundles

Use our bundles feature to create a set of plugins and theme/s that you can auto-install on your websites. 

You can create multiple bundles for different types of projects, and you can use plugins/themes from the WordPress Repository or any other of your choosing as long as it’s stored with a direct download link.

Customize Your Installations

You can even choose to activate them to save yourself additional time so your websites will be ready to go the moment you login.

*Panel plan and above only.

Create Blueprint Websites

Creating blueprint (aka boilerplate) websites can save you a huge amount of time when starting new projects. 

  1. Create base headers, footers, contact pages (with a basic contact form that can be built on), etc, within your WordPress site so your foundational work for each new website is already ready out of the box.
  2. Next, set up your security settings, PHP settings, etc, for your blueprint website inside your GridPane account.

When you’re ready to work on a new project, simply clone your blueprint and all of your settings will be ready to go!

Configure Local and Remote Backups

Good backups are like insurance… if insurance covered everything, cost practically nothing, and always paid out. They are the single most cost effective investment in your online presence that you will ever make.

Fully Configurable

You choose how frequently to back things up, all the way up to every hour. Who can afford to lose an entire day worth of work or data? Not the kind of WordPress pros that we built this for.

Local and Remote Backups

Backup your websites hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly directly on your server and to any or all of our supported third-party providers we integrate with.

Encrypted and Deduplicated

Our backups are extremely space-efficient and secure.

One-Click Staging Websites

A staging website that exists in the same server environment as the production (live) website is perfect for testing and development.

GridPane staging allows you to test your WordPress plugin and theme updates on your staging website before updating on your live website and test your code and other dev work before setting it live into production.

Our advanced staging features allow you to:

*Developer Plus plan and above only.

Easily Move Websites With Our Exceptional Cloning Tools

With GridPane’s ultra-reliable cloning features you can easily:

You can also copy over all of your site settings such as backups, security, PHP, and more. We’ll also take care of your database search and replace.

Managing your websites across multiple servers has never been easier.

Easy PHP Management

GridPane sets ideal PHP defaults for almost all cases. For cases where you may need to tweak them, you have easy access to all of your PHP settings inside your dashboard, and you have easy access to change.

PHP Version

Easily change your PHP version at any time.

PHP INI Settings

Adjust your timezone, max execution time, memory limit, and more directly within your account.

PHP Worker Settings

Our default settings are ideal for most websites, but if you have a high-traffic site that requires some PHP process management fine-tuning, you can do this directly within the UI.

Serverwide PHP Settings

Customizable server-level PHP management.

One-Click PHPMyAdmin Access and Customizable MySQL Configuration

Secure PHPMyAdmin

GridPane offers easy, one-click access to PHPMyAdmin. Simply click the database icon next to your websites, and our platform will securely log you into your databases.

You have the same one-click access to your staging websites.

Configurable MySQL

You can also configure your MySQL settings with our GP-CLI, and even run MySQLTuner.

Full Access to ALL of Your Logs

Unlike most managed WordPress hosts, no logs are witheld from you at GridPane.

Error Logs

Each website has it's own error log as well as one-click WP Debug and logging to help make troubleshooting WordPress issues quick and simple.

Access Logs

Your website and server access logs are all available in just a few clicks within your GridPane account.

Everything Else!

Website and server logs are all available to you, and there are no restrictions.

Snapshot Failover™

Snapshot Failover™ is a proprietary high availability setup that allows you to clone all of the sites on one server over to another server and set a syncing schedule for those paired servers of as little as one hour.

Couple this with automatic DNS failover and you can ensure your websites stay up and running even when your provider has an outage that impacts an entire datacenter.

While not a true HA solution, Snapshot Failover™ covers certain outages better than traditional failover setups and makes it simple to ensure a working clone of your most important websites is standing if your primary server ever experiences an outage.

*Developer Plus plan and above only.

Advanced Git: Full and Hybrid Integrations

GridPane allows you to easily connect a Git repository to your websites and even auto-deploy on commit. We offer two different integration types, and you can even configure your own scripts to run at the server level and/or site level before deployment and the site/server level after deployment.

*Developer Plus plan and above only.

Full Git Integration

Our full integration is what most users will be familiar with, and with this WordPress core, plugins, and themes are all managed via Git. The entire codebase is immutable and so WordPress updates can only be made via Git deployments.

Hybrid Git Integration

Our hybrid integration is for those of you who only want to handle specific plugins and themes via Git. Unlike the full repo as described above, the hybrid repo is not immutable, so WordPress core and any other themes and plugins not set in your repo are handled the traditional way inside the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Multitenancy

*Developer Plus plan and above only.

Multitenancy is the ideal solution for building a WordPress-based SaaS. Your websites will share a central immutable codebase on a per server basis that’s managed via Git, but will each have their own PHP resources, database, and uploads folder like your regular WordPress websites, and can be scaled independently of one another.

This feature allows you to build your own WordPress-driven version of a SaaS platform like Wix and Squarespace.

You can easily create different Git repositories to offer different website packages, including functionality such as WooCommerce and Learning Management Systems (LMS), which is a notoriously bad idea on WordPress multisite.

This approach allows sites to be split across as many servers as needed, spreading “risk” across many baskets instead of everything being on the same server, same database. You can even add sites to their own individual servers, which means multitenancy also works for WooCommerce and other complex websites which can be a disaster when running inside one multisite installation.

GP-CLI and WP-CLI for Quick Management

At GridPane we have our own custom CLI (GP-CLI) with 100s of commands to make managing your websites and servers from the command simple and easy. With it, you can perform maintenance tasks in record time, along with tools like WP-CLI baked in.

With GP-CLI you can easily:

For the few power users who write bash, you can easily automate your own custom tasks with our CLI.

World Class Support

GridPane has built a stellar reputation over the years in no small part due to our excellent support. Our team is available 24/7, we have an active community forum for all things WordPress, and one of the largest hosting knowledge bases that exists. 

Massive Knowledge Base

We've invested over $100,000 into creating one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases that exists in the hosting world. Our clients love it and you will too!

Community Forum

Our community forum is a tremendously valuable resource for common questions, troubleshooting, discussing strategy for different projects, and more. Our support team is active here 24/7.

Support Ticket System

Our Developer Plus and Agency plans include access to our support desk and ticketing system. Our response times are extremely fast for emergency issues, and we offer world class support.

*Developer Plus plan and PeakFreq servers.