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GridPane is an automated control panel
built for WordPress professionals like you.

It has all the bells and whistles of "managed"
WordPress but at a fraction of the cost.

It's fast, secure, and ruthlessly efficient.

WordPress hosting that is
easier than WordPress itself.

Exclusively for WordPress

Finally, a dashboard with staging, security, updates, and blazing performance, all baked right in.

Enterprise Capabilities

Built for thousands of concurrent users, plus high availability, and premium infrastructure support.

Take Your Time Back

New sites in 3 clicks, automatic error resolution, visual confirmed updates, redundant backups and more.

A Superhero Utility Belt for WordPress Hosting…


Deploy sites in just three click, with all your defaults automatically selected.


Secure by default: SSL, 2FA, and public-key SSH access for all servers.


Have GridPane, Will Travel: Mobile responsive, Slack friendly, and ready to hit the road.


Bring your favorite providers (DNS, infra, storage) for a single pane-of-glass to deploy sites, completely, in one single step.

From Zero to Live Sites in Under Ten Minutes

You Bring the Infrastructure, We’ll Do The Rest

Out of Many, One

The built-in integrations within GridPane are the culmination of over three years of intense testing, research, and vetting of hundreds of hardware, software, and infrastructure providers. We took all of this experience and forged it into the definitive arsenal of enterprise-grade WordPress hosting tools.

Right out of the gate we have more built-in 3rd party APIs and  functionality than any other SaaS hosting control panel on the market and the hits just keep on coming: by July 1st, 2018, we’ll have completed uptime monitoring, migrations from other control panels, “upscaling” of non-GridPane sites, Teams/Multi-User, IBM Watson powered chat, and true hands-free High Availability.

High-availability… now available at any budget!

Snapshot Failover™ takes a full backup of all your sites and clones those snapshots over to a redundant backup server. Hardware failures, operating system crashes, even complete datacenter outages are rendered moot.


Step 1: Pair two servers (from different datacenters) with just three clicks…


Step 2: At your specified interval (i.e. hourly) your source server will mirror all of your sites and files to your failover server…


Step 3: In the event of an outage, no matter the cause, automatic DNS failover diverts your visitors to your failover node.

And for those in Enterprise: we have true high-availability with semi-synchronous MySQL coming July 1, 2018!

What our customers say…

Never having to deal with a single White Screen of Death, ever again? Yes, please.

Kevin Dunlap, Front End Developer

It’s like you’ve rounded up all the things that piss me off about WordPress and fixed them.

Emily Ottaviano, Designer, Artist, and Educator

My site never falters, it’s always fast. It just works, so all I have to do is take great pictures.

Katie Wind, Photographer

I’m insanely busy, all the time, so it’s nice to not have to worry about any of the nerd stuff. Thanks!

Tom Lee, Serial Entrepreneur

Rest easy… around here the fires put themselves out.

Introducing Preemptive Support™: a radical support paradigm that fixes problems, automatically, before you know they exist. With Self-Help tools you can crush bugs and restore sites yourself, instantly. Plus IBM Watson powered chat and ticketing with real humans. We’re flipping support on it’s head – Learn More.