Imagine: Self-Driving WordPress hosting that you own

GridPane is the world's first hosting control panel built exclusively for serious WordPress professionals.

With a fully automated dashboard and server stack, GridPane delivers all the bells and whistles of managed WordPress hosting at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll build servers in minutes and sites in seconds, all of them fast, secure, and ruthlessly efficient.

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GridPane is what you would build if your goal was to launch a managed WordPress hosting company that could serve any market, at a global scale.  How do we know? Because that’s exactly what we set out to do over four years ago. We soon discovered that none of the tools to do that job existed, so we started building them ourselves. The end result is that you can now launch that managed service for your clients, on your own terms. In minutes, not months. 


Why Use GridPane?

  • Lightning Fast
  • Ultra Secure
  • Easy to Use
  • Exclusively for WordPress

Actual client website, 287ms load, 44 requests, 647.3KB.

Lightning Fast and Punctual Too...

The GridPane server stack is incredibly performant and optimized for whatever you can throw at it. Your visitors won’t waste a single second waiting for pages to load.  

We’re incredibly focused on your time as well. So you’ll never waste a single click building or maintaining your sites. GridPane is right on time, see for yourself. 

Trending on reddit? Yawn.

Most of the major providers in the managed WordPress hosting space charge $30 or more for 20,000 visitors per month. But what if you get 20,000… today?

We regularly test GridPane provisioned VPS servers to handle 5,000 concurrent users or more, without ever skipping a beat. Just try running a load test like that with your current provider. We’ll be here when the dust settles. 

Sites in just 3 clicks!

Far easier to use than most shared hosting and “built for everything” hosting solutions, GridPane is engineered for WordPress only. Our control panel’s simple and intuitive interface will have new WordPress websites up and running for you in just 3 clicks! 

High-availability, available to any budget.

Snapshot Failover™ takes a full backup of all your sites and clones those snapshots over to a redundant backup server. Hardware failures, operating system crashes, even complete datacenter outages are rendered moot.

You shouldn’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to afford incredibly high uptime. And you shouldn’t have to pay insane markups on quality infrastructure. With GridPane your hardware costs are always straight from the provider.

Backups like no one else

Roll sites back in time one, four, 12, 24 hours or more. If you or a client ever makes a mistake, you’ll have the ability to easily roll your websites back to an early version.

It’s easier than publishing a post.

We also have extensive options for remote backups, covering every major third party cloud provider you can think of. 

Enterprise Ready

Built for thousands of concurrent visitors, plus high availability, and premium infrastructure support.

Take Your Time Back

New sites in three clicks, automatic error resolution, visual confirmed updates, redundant backups and more.

Free SSL Certificates

Configure LetsEncrypt SSL certificate in just two clicks and you’re done. Certificates automatically renew.

Real Expert Support

Bot assisted chat and live 24/7 support from engineers who have a deep understanding of WordPress and performance.


The main reason our customers love us? We take away all of the hardwork and worry, save them time, and make sure their servers perform to the very highest possible standards.

Loving the service, by the way. When I login to a client site hosted elsewhere the difference in speed and reliability is night and day.

Eric Hoffman
Web Design

I picked GridPane based on the impression of your knowledge, competence and integrity that I've gotten reading your interactions in the FB WordPress Hosting group.

Kevin Shrieve
Developer and Consultant

I'm really glad I found you guys. I've been concerned with speed & management... not anymore. GridPane is the perfect solution.

Ken Henderson
Digital Marketing

Never having to deal with a single White Screen of Death, ever again? Yes, please.

Kevin Dunlap
Front End Developer

It’s like you’ve rounded up all the things that piss me off about WordPress and fixed them.

Emily Ottaviano
Designer, Artist, Educator

My site never falters, it’s always fast. It just works, so all I have to do is take great pictures.

Katie Wind

If you try them for a week, you won't regret your choice. It depends on your requirements but for me, they are the one that I was looking for.

Rahul Kumar
WordPress Developer

No no I'm serious: You have a free tier and no way to send you a tip! I have told everyone I know about you guys. I've never had better customer service. Seriously. Amazing.

Jon Moore
Communications Consultant

I've never had better support than what I get with GridPane.

Ed Ellingham
Web Strategy and Design

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Test drive GridPane today and see for yourself the awesome suite of features and tools we’ve built for serious WordPress professionals like you. If you’re not happy within the first 15 minutes, hit us up via support and we’ll make it right.

We’re flipping managed WordPress on it’s head… care to join us?

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