Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting that is purpose-built for high-priority websites that require speed, comprehensive security, and peace of mind.

A Fully Managed, Custom WordPress Hosting Solution

Built for Performance

Every layer of GridPane has been built with performance in mind. With our fully managed service, we’ll fine tune this even further to keep your WordPress website lightening fast under heavy load.

Built for WordPress

We help host some of the most demanding WordPress websites on the planet, including WooCommerce and LMS sites.

Modern Hosting Stack & Server Caching

Take advantage of an immutable codebase, automated server-level caching, and our completely custom hosting stack.

Ultra Fast Servers

We're not handcuffed to any server provider and we can host your website on the fastest hardware your region has to offer.

Enterprise Security Done Right

Tiered security tailored for your website’s unique requirements.

Fortress Integration

Fortress will protect your site in the areas most effectively handled at the plugin level, while being fully integrated at the server level. This includes 2FA, sessions protection, and more.

Web Application Firewall

Malicious requests and bots with bad intentions will be stopped in their tracks before they even reach your website.

A+ Grade SSL Certificates

Our SSL certificates get an A+ rating from SSL Labs and you can provision certificates via API before setting your DNS live. 

Patchstack Premium

Patchstack automatically deploys highly targeted protection rules (vPatches) to block threats to known vulnerabilities from reaching your website (site limits apply).

Deep Server and Application level hardening

Secure servers and rate limiting by default, and we’ll personally lock down your website for application-level hardening.

Malware Scanning and Incident handling

Continuous malware scanning and done for you malware removal/clean up should your plugins or theme ever become compromised.

Comprehensive Hosting Features

Everything you and your developers need to manage your website.

Uptime Monitoring

Your website will be monitored 24/7, 365 days per year. If your website were ever to go down, we'll know about it immediately.

Advanced Staging

Push your site both to and from your staging site, and choose what you want to push, including selecting specific database tables to include/ignore.

Local & Remote Backups

We'll help you create your custom backup schedule. If you need hourly backups both locally on the server and remotely, that's no problem.

Advanced Git

Take advantage of our full Git integration for a fully immutable codebase. Or, use our hybrid integration to manage specific plugins and themes.

Full Log Access

Full, unrestricted access to your logs is available on GridPane. Whether you need to check your error, access, SSL, WP Debug, or any other log, these are all available to you.

Failover (Optional)

If a server outage ever occurs, we can automatically serve your website from a failover server in an entirely different datacenter location. 

Annual Pricing

Our fully managed plans are available on an annual basis. The pricing below includes servers from Vultr. Other server providers are available.

Business 1
Business 2
Business 3

Need more? Let's talk!

Whether your a business with high-end performance and security requirements, or a developer/agency that needs a complete done for you while you sleep service, we can accommodate your use case. Talk to our team today.

Service Addons

Upgrades are available for performance, support, and uptime.

Relay & Redis Object Cache Pro

Cache your database for ultra-fast dynamic page loading AND save server resources with Relay Redis and Object Cache Pro. Relay keeps a super-efficient partial replica of Redis data in PHP's memory, offering a massive boost to WordPress speed. It effortlessly manages millions of requests per second, minimizing Redis communication and saving server resources and bandwidth.

$40/month (billed annually)

Enhanced Support SLA & Dedicated Senior Engineer

Need our highest available level of support for your website? Our fully managed support upgrade includes an enhanced support SLA and on-call dedicated Senior Engineer who will personally manage your server and support account. This includes a monthly check-in call, post-mortem for any downtime or serious issues, and a primary point of contact for your account.

$300/month (billed annually)

Snapshot Failover™

Snapshot Failover™ is a proprietary high availability setup that allows you to clone all of the sites on one server over to another server and set a syncing schedule for those paired servers of as little as one hour. Couple this with automatic DNS failover and you can ensure your websites stay up and running even when your provider has an outage that impacts an entire datacenter.

From $700/year


We’re happy to work with any reputable server provider if you have specific needs. The pricing on this page reflects hosting your websites on Vultr servers, so we would need to discuss your requirements before providing you with a quotation. 

At this time transactional email is not included. You will need to use a provider such as SendGrid, Postmark, Amazon SES, etc. We can make recommendations and assist in the set up. 

Preemptive Support “360” is OUR version of what we believe true managed WordPress should actually look like. It allows us to offer site-specific support in a holistic, sustainable way.

360 allows our team to see your site and server problems BEFORE they become critical.

Our systems will monitor your websites, servers, and notifications, and should we identify any issues, we’ll automatically create a support ticket for our team.

If your websites go down in the middle of the night, we’ll know about it and begin working to resolve it so you can sleep easy knowing that we have your most important websites covered.

Let's discuss your business

Hey there! We’d be happy to assist in making sure you get the right hosting plan to fit your businesses real world needs. We have the working knowledge and real world experience to help you make sure you choose the right plan for your business (both now and into the future). Our fully managed hosting plans are completely custom and start at $2000/year.

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