Fully Managed WordPress Hosting by GridPane and WP.Cloud

High availability, high performance managed web site hosting that scales to meet your WordPress website’s specific needs.

A Fully Managed WordPress Enterprise Solution

Scalable turnkey hosting powered by GridPane and WP.cloud, the only cloud platform built from the ground up just for WordPress.

Leave the infrastructure and hosting maintenance requirements to us — we’ll even manage WordPress core updates for you. Your WordPress developers can do what they’re great at and focus on driving your business forward.

We’re 100% committed to and built for WordPress from start to finish.

How We Compare

See how our starter plan compares to Kinsta and WP Engine:

Built for Performance

Every layer of WP.cloud has been built with performance in mind, ensuring your WordPress website is lightening fast under heavy load. CPU’s and PHP Workers maintain a 1:1 ratio, and we offer an additional option to Burst up to 110 CPUs / PHP Workers for sites that need it.

Tailored to Your Requirements

We'll tailor your plan to meet your CPU and storage requirements.

Infrastructure Built for WordPress

The only cloud platform built from the ground up just for WordPress.

Modern Hosting Stack & Server Caching

Immutable codebase, automated caching, and fully integrated CDN.

Enterprise WordPress Done Right

Everything you expect from a managed host and beyond.

Real Time Syncing, Backups, and System Planning

Real time file and database syncing to a backup server, failover, and daily backups. Learn more below!

1:1 CPU and PHP Worker Ratio

Transparent PHP worker and CPU limits, and PHP workers have unfettered access to CPU – no noisy neighbours or held up processes.

Burst to 110 CPUs/ PHP Workers

Need serious server power but not 100% of the time? Add massive bursting capability to your plan (additional fees apply).

Integrated CDN

Integrated enterprise level CDN available immediately as soon as your site goes live.


Web application firewall tuned for WordPress filters known malicious traffic before it even has the chance to touch your website.

DDOS Protection

Denial of service attacks are automatically mitigated, and we’ll work to identify the source while keeping the site active and available.

A+ SSL Rating

Built-in SSL and TLS Encryption. SSL certificates get an A+ rating from SSL Labs. 

Boost Your Disk Space

Our plans include significantly more disk space than standard managed WordPress hosting plans.

Hundreds of Thousands of Dynamic Visits

Never worry about website visitor limitations again. Even our base plan comes with approximately 800K dynamic visits per month. 

No Bandwidth Limits

We don’t place bandwidth limitations on our plans. Serve millions of static (cached) page views and never worry about plan limitations.

Deep Server and Application Level Hardening

WP.cloud servers are securely hardened and your website’s codebase will be 100% immutable.

Uptime Monitoring

Your site is monitored for uptime by our systems and team, and we’ll proactively work to resolve any issues related to our platform.

Comprehensive Backups and
System Planning

Real Time Syncing

All of your files and every database transaction is backed up in real time to a server in an entirely different regional datacenter.


If a server outage ever occurs, we'll automatically serve your website from your synced failover server in a different region.

Daily Backups

Your website files and database will be backed up once a day for 60 days in addition to your sites live syncing to a failover server.

Coming Soon!