GridPane News and Last Month in Review (September 2022)

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Hey WordPress Warriors! September was a busy month finished with our big Git update. We’ll take a look at all the highlights below.

Table of Contents

  1. We’ve Taken a Strategic Investment from Automattic
  2. Git is Now in Open Beta
  3. Affiliate Program Update
  4. WP Cloud and GridPane
  5. Changelog
  6. Newly Published Knowledge Base Articles
  7. Knowledge Base Article Updates

We’ve Taken a Strategic Investment from Automattic

Just before WCUS on September 7th, we announced that we have completed a seed round of funding, including a significant strategic investment from Automattic, the parent company of, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, and Jetpack.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you read the full announcement blog post. This also has a Q&A section that will answer any further questions you may have.

Self-Managed WordPress Pioneer GridPane Takes Strategic Investment from Automattic

Git is Now in Open Beta

We’re very pleased to announce that our Git integration is now in Open Beta. This is a significant release, and we would like to encourage everyone who has the time to test it. If you come across any bugs, please let us know via a support ticket so that we can confirm and fix them, and move Git into full production ASAP.

As with all beta features, these are NOT considered production-ready, and there is no critical/urgent support or support guarantees. 

Beta Feature Activation

To access the Git beta, you will need a Developer account with beta features enabled. If you already have beta features enabled, you will see the new Git page inside your account in the main menu.

If you don’t see the Git page, you can request beta activation by submitting a support ticket.

Git Documentation

Our Git feature is fully documented, and we also have a beginner’s guide to help you get started. Documentation can be viewed here.

Affiliate Program Update

Our long-awaited affiliate program has been rebuilt, but its planned September launch was delayed. This additional time is well worth the wait, and will serve both ourselves and our affiliates far better now and in the future. 

The affiliate commissions are highly competitive, and we’ll be launching ASAP. 

WP Cloud and GridPane

GridPane is now the only host outside of Automattic who have an integration with – Automattic’s scalable, highly available, extremely fast WordPress cloud platform.

In September we made a start on our WP Cloud integration with GridPane. This is a highly custom environment, so its availability and integration will differ significantly from our other server provider integrations.

If you have a serious workload, such as a big and busy WooCommerce store, high concurrency LMS and/or Buddyboss, etc, and you have a budget to match, then WP Cloud may be an ideal solution for you.


The changelog has been updated. The major releases are detailed above, and you can check out the other fixes and improvements on our roadmap here:

September was mainly focused on getting Git ready for its Open Beta release, but numerous other updates and fixes were also released, including a couple for UpdateSafely.

Newly Published Knowledge Base Articles

We published 3 new articles in September, including our BunnyCDN article, to finish up our CDN series. We’ve also published a detailed guide on what size servers to choose and why. If you have any questions about choosing servers for your business, this is the guide for you.

To go along with this article, we also published one new learning path.

Servers and Performance

The move to your own servers also brings a learning curve that will make you a better WordPress professional but does require a little time to learn the ropes. Much of that learning curve is covered in these articles, and here you’ll learn the fundamentals of choosing the right servers and gaining stellar WordPress performance.

Servers and Performance Learning Path

1. What Size Servers to Choose and When to Scale Servers Up

If you have any questions about what size servers you should choose, and how many websites you should host per server, this article is for you. It explores the topic in-depth and will give you the information you need to make these decisions for your business.

What Size Servers to Choose and When to Scale Servers Up

2. How to Set Up Bunny CDN for WordPress

BunnyCDN offers a great CDN service at a price point that’s hard to beat. They have their own WordPress plugin, and it starts from $1/month. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to set up BunnyCDN on your WordPress websites.

How to Set Up Bunny CDN for WordPress

3. How to Manually Import Backups (Including Non-GridPane Backups)

This tutorial details how to manually import a GridPane V2 backup that you’ve previously downloaded, or a non-GridPane backup that is properly configured to work with our system.

How to Manually Import Backups (Including Non-GridPane Backups)

Knowledge Base Updates

In addition to the 3 new articles above, the following knowledge base articles have all received tweaks and updates. For the provisioning articles, there’s no need to go over these again if you’re familiar with the content.

  1. Using a CDN With GridPane
  2. Provision a Vultr Server Using the Vultr API
  3. Provision a DigitalOcean Droplet using the DigitalOcean API
  4. Provision an UpCloud Server with the UpCloud API
  5. Provision a Linode Using the Linode API
  6. Provision an Amazon Lightsail server using the AWS Lightsail API
  7. Provision an AWS Lightsail Server Using Our Custom Server Option
  8. Provision a Hetzner Server Using Our Custom Server Option
  9. Provision a Custom VPS from the Google Cloud Platform (or any other provider)
  10. Provision an OVH Server Using Our Custom Server Option
  11. Provision an AWS EC2 Server Using Our Custom Server Option
  12. Provision a Katapult Server using our Custom Server Option
  13. How to Provision a Custom Server – A General Guide
  14. Scaling Up (Resizing) Your API Provisioned Servers
  15. Connect to a WordPress Database Remotely With a Desktop MySQL Client
  16. Diagnosing Migration Issues
  17. GridPane Teams
  18. Getting Started: Choosing Your First Servers and Common Server Questions
  19. Do I Need a Security Plugin When Using GridPane’s Security Features?
  20. Sites are Down! Part 1: Here’s What Everyone Needs to Know
  21. Create and Set Your Backblaze B2 API Credentials
  22. How to Configure Git Repositories for GridPane Hosted Websites
  23. Using the GridPane Git Integration
  24. Using GridPane Multitenancy

The “WP Security 2022: Securing Multiple Banking Websites Built on WordPress” and  “Cloudflare Firewall Rules for Securing WordPress Websites” blog posts have also received minor updates.

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for reading. We’ll continue to keep you posted in the weekly newsletter. Have a great October everyone!

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