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Self-Managed WordPress Pioneer GridPane Takes Strategic Investment from Automattic

Patrick Square

by Patrick Gallagher

7th September 2022

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that GridPane has completed a seed round of funding, including a significant strategic investment from Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, and Jetpack.

These funds will help fuel our ongoing mission to help WordPress agencies solve their hosting problems and grow their businesses.

GridPane was conceived through the labor and strife I endured managing dozens of sites for my agency. By February 2018, we had formalized our product and built the GridPane team you know and love today. We found our passion for simplifying the management of WordPress sites across an array of hosting companies while providing the tools agencies need to run their businesses successfully.

In an industry dominated by entrenched billion-dollar players, our tiny upstart was never supposed to be able to shake up the status quo, although that was our stated objective from the outset.

Fast forward four years later, not only have we built one of the most versatile toolsets in all of WordPress hosting, but we’ve changed the game. I’m humbled to say that we now power over 100,000 websites operated by customers in over 100 countries – numbers that continue to grow each day. We proudly attribute this growth to word-of-mouth recommendations from our amazing community. Their ongoing and very vocal support across the wider WordPress community has enabled us to build the tools that have set the foundation for our future.

Without a doubt, none of this would have been possible without our incredible team, which continues to grow in strength with each passing week. In particular, I would like to thank our team members in Ukraine, whose stoicism and steadfast determination have inspired the entire organization.

I’m grateful for so many of the experiences that building this company has granted me, particularly the recent return to in-person WordCamps, which has allowed us to meet face to face with so many fantastic members of the WordPress community. For those of you who can make it, I look forward to meeting you at WCUS!

Why Funding, Why Now?

Quite simply, we found investors and partners who believed entirely in our vision. This preserves our ability to pursue our goals on our terms. We couldn’t be happier to be working with Automattic, the definitive tier one investor of the WordPress ecosystem.

In the past, we’ve reinvested every single dollar earned directly back into the company’s development. With additional capital, we can further drive innovation and invest in new marketing and sales initiatives.

What Does This Mean For You?

This round of funding was incredibly company friendly because we’ve retained 100% control of the business and its direction. There’s no change to board structure, mission, or leadership. We’ll still deliver on everything we’ve set out to deliver.

The biggest difference now is that we’re simply empowered to move faster, and your businesses will benefit from even greater investment into our platform’s development.

The Future

With the launch of the Core plan earlier this year, GridPane now offers plans for every WordPress site, from hosting your very first website to building your own enterprise-capable white label managed WordPress hosting company. And even more performance and capability are right around the corner: in addition to this investment, GridPane and Automattic will be partnering to bring an all-new, state-of-art, fully managed WordPress Hosting solution to market. More details will be coming very soon, but if you’re interested in seeing exactly what comes next, you can schedule a call with Patrick here:

GridPane users can also get a look at their potential future by looking at the very recent past of Performant Websites, one of GridPane’s clients, who entered their GridPane powered service into the industry’s gold standard ReviewSignal independent performance benchmark. Congratulations to Martin Duncanson, CEO of Performant Websites, for earning a top tier honor in the Enterprise category of the 2022 Review Signal WordPress Hosting Benchmarks.

The GridPane platform was built for exactly this purpose: to allow anyone to build their own incredibly performant Self-Managed WordPress hosting solution.