How GridPane Works

GridPane puts A LOT of power in your hands. You’ll be able to create enterprise capable servers anywhere in the world in minutes, completely customize the way you build new WordPress websites, and you have access to our support engineers 24/7.


Create Your Servers

Choose your Infrastructure provider, customize your server stack with options for Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed, Percona 8, and MariaDB, and you’ll have an enterprise capable server in under 15 minutes.


Create Your WordPress Sites

GridPane allows you to customize the way you build your WordPress sites. Install your favourite plugins and theme, set your caching, DNS, PHP worker type, WAF, SMTP integration and more. All in under 2 minutes. 


Engineers on Support

On average, tickets are responded to by live human beings in seven minutes or less, and for anything critical our average response times are even faster. We also have a pretty extensive Knowledge Base.

Smash Your Hosting Problems Once & For All

WordPress pro’s from all over the world are moving their most important, high-traffic websites to GridPane. Why not take us for a test drive? You can get started today for free!

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