How GridPane Works

Part 2. Create Fast, Secure WordPress Websites

WordPress Your Way

Customize the way you deploy sites, then create a brand new website complete with a staging website, firewall, server page and object caching, DNS integration, and SSL certificate in just 3 clicks.

Super Secure Websites

Website Isolation

Keep your individual websites isolated and secure by creating individual system users. This ensures that if one site was ever to be compromised it couldn’t infect any other website.

Web Application FirewallS, Plural

All paid GridPane accounts get access to the highly performant 6G firewall. Developer accounts also get access to a ModSec 3+ compatible WAF with the OWASP 10 ruleset already in place. Tons of customization options like country blocking, paranoia settings, individual IP white/blacklisting, and more. 

Super Fast Websites

Redis Nginx Page Caching

Highly performant Redis Page caching that is perfect for most websites built on WordPress.

FastCGI Page Caching

Perfect for high-concurrency. Tens of thousands of visitors hitting your website at the same time? FastCGI excels on high volume websites.

Redis Object Caching

Cache your database for ultra-fast page loading and server resource preservation.

Bundles: Auto Theme & Plugin Installation

Create Bundles

Use our bundles feature to create a set of plugins and theme/s that you can auto-install on your websites. 

You can create multiple bundles for different types of projects, and you can use plugins/themes from the WordPress Repository or any other of your choosing as long as it’s stored with a direct download link.

Customize Your Installations

You can even choose to activate them to save yourself additional time so your websites will be ready to go the moment you login.

PHP Management


Adjust your timezone, max execution time, memory limit and more directly within your account.


Our default settings are ideal for most websites, but if you have a high traffic site that requires some PHP process manangement fine tuning, you can do this directly within the UI

One-Click Staging Websites

Perfect for Testing and Development

Test how your changes will affect your website on a full working clone of your live production website directly in your production enviroment. You can fix anything that requires it, ensure everything is working perfectly, and then push your changes to your live website.

Need to do some development or design work without affecting your live production site? Make all of your updates on your staging site and then when ready to launch, push your changes live.

Backup All The Things

Backups that can only be called complete and total overkill.

Good backups are like insurance… if insurance covered everything, cost practically nothing, and always paid out. They are the single most cost effective investment in your online presence that you will ever make.

You choose how frequently to back things up, all the way up to every hour. Who can afford to lose an entire day worth of work or data? Not the kind of WordPress pros that we built this for. 

Remote Backup API Supported Providers

Backup your websites hourly, daily, weekly or monthly to any or all of our supported third-party providers below. 

Awesome DNS API Integrations

GridPane is deeply integrated with these giants of the Internet. Take advantage of our Cloudflare and/or DNS Made Easy integrations to manage your DNS records directly inside your account. Provision A+ Grade SSL certificates before changing your DNS records, and provision Wildcard SSL certificates for your multisites.

Introducing UpdateSafely™

Coming Soon!

Imagine having a designer visually inspect your site down to the pixel, before and after an update.

With UpdateSafely™ all your sites get duplicated once every 24 hours to a “canary” site which is then made current with any new plugin, theme, or core updates. Then your top 10 pages are visually compared and any differences, above your desired threshold, will halt the update process. If everything looks good, we’ll go ahead and update your live site.

And More!

We’re continually adding new features and API integrations to help our clients build the ultimate WordPress hosting business.

Website and Server Cloning

WP-CLI and GridPane CLI tools

Smash Your Hosting Problems Once & For All

WordPress pro’s from all over the world are moving their most important, high-traffic websites to GridPane. Why not take us for a test drive? You can get started today for free!

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