How GridPane Works

Part 1. Creating Enterprise Capable Servers

Choose Your Provider

GridPane gives you the power to choose almost any VPS provider, anywhere in the world. You can completely diversify your server portfolio and host your websites wherever makes the most sense for you.

We have built-in API support for DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Lightsail, and UpCloud.

You can also deploy GridPane to providers like Google Compute Engine, Hetzner, OVH. Just run one single command and you’re off to the races.

Customize Your Server

We’ll provision your server with one of our High-Performance Stacks, Purpose Built for WordPress


Prometheus is our finely-tuned and refined open-source LEMP stack. We’ve taken the proven AIO approach from venerable projects like EasyEngine, and we’ve shot way past those initial roots. Long story short: insanely fast, enterprise-ready sites, all in just three clicks. It doesn’t get any faster or easier than Prometheus and GridPane. 


We’re thrilled to introduce our brand new LOMP (Linux OpenLiteSpeed MySQL PHP) stack. Due to popular demand, we’ve created it entirely from the ground up for stellar WordPress performance. If you’re transitioning from Apache servers, OpenLiteSpeed will be familiar in function but with dramatic performance benefits.

Choose Your Database

GridPane gives you the choice of Percona MySQL8 or MariaDB for your database, and we also include Redis Object Caching for a major database performance boost at no extra cost (we don’t charge $100/month per website for the privilege). Simply choose your preferred database as you configure your server, then activate the pre-installed Redis Object Caching plugin on your websites.

Servers in 15 Minutes

Next, just hit go and you’ll have a brand new, fully optimized, WordPress hosting environment in under 15 minutes. Congratulations, you can now build lightning-fast WordPress websites.

If Fort Knox Was A Server...

Hardened by Default, No Maintenance Required

GridPane servers are immediately secured upon their creation and we’ll run security updates for you so you never have to.

You'll have FULL access to YOUR servers

Root and SFTP access

Need to access your server or give a client SFTP access? No problem! New System Users (SFTP accounts) are just a couple clicks away, via password or SSH.

WP-CLI ready to use

Perform maintenance tasks in record time with tools like WP-CLI baked in. If you don’t want to wade through the command line, we don’t blame you. WP-CLI is pretty great though.

No restrictions

Your GridPane servers are always YOUR servers. We never restrict access or block installs. Just, please, try not to break them. We might not fix them if you do.

Snapshot Failover™

Snapshot Failover™ is a proprietary high availability setup that allows you to clone all of the sites on one server over to another server and set a syncing schedule for those paired servers of as little as one hour.

Couple this with automatic DNS failover and you can ensure your websites stay up and running even when your provider has an outage that impacts an entire datacenter.

While not a true HA solution, Snapshot Failover™ actually covers certain outages better than instantaneous synching clusters or traditional failover setups. Human error, for example, can’t instantly propagate across your Snapshot Failover™ systems. So you have hours or even days to find your mistakes and fix them.

Smash Your Hosting Problems Once & For All

WordPress pro’s from all over the world are moving their most important, high-traffic websites to GridPane. Why not take us for a test drive? You can get started today for free!

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