Backups Announcements: V2 Pre Feb 25th 2021 Backups, and Goodbye to V1

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Update: Feb 28th 2022

The script for removing backups older than Feb 25th 2021 has been pushed back. It will instead run in the next couple of days.

This is a short announcement regarding two important updates with GridPane backups.

V2: Pre Feb 25th 2021 Backups

This month an update is going out that will remove backups older than 25th February 2021 from the new V2 backups system. It will take place on Feb 25th 2022. The reason for this is that early on in the beta, automated backups were not tagged with “gp-automated” and there is no way for the system to automatically purge backups that don’t have a tag. If you require any backups on the V2 system that are older than Feb 25th 2021, you have 25 days from now to export them to save a copy. You can learn more about how to export and import backups in the documentation here: V2 Part 1, Exporting Backups for SFTP Download The process for exporting backups from the UI is quick and simple for any sites you do need to do this.

V1 Backups Functionality is Being Removed from the UI

On the same date, V1 backups functionality is being removed from the UI. This is approximately 4 months on from the release of the V2 system out of beta. You’ll still be able to manage your V1 backups via CLI, and the details can be found in this article: GridPane V1 Local Backups For easing the transition from V1 to V2, you may want to check out this article: Transitioning from V1 Backups to V2 Backups

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