Use Cases

GridPane isn’t for everyone. But if you run a WordPress focused business or a complex WordPress website, we’re probably a perfect match.

WordPress Agencies & Pro's

GridPane was created with WordPress agencies and professional WordPress developers in mind. Our platform offers the technology, high-end service features, and support to build large scale, enterprise capable WordPress hosting and/or care plan offerings. You won’t need a managed hosting provider.. but you could build your own with GridPane.

We're also a great fit for large scale WordPress

This includes websites such as high-traffic WooCommerce stores, Learning Management Systems, and WaaS Networks/ large Multisite installations. Depending on your precise needs and technical expertise, our managed hosting service Apollo may also be a great fit.

LMS Websites

Learning Management Systems face unique caching and scaling challenges that require technical hosting expertise. GridPane gives you the flexibility you need to fine-tune your servers for optimal LMS performance.

Large Scale WooCommerce

Whether hosting your own ecommerce store of offering ecommerce specific hosting services, see how GridPane could save/make you thousands.

WaaS Networks

Performance, security, scaling, and database management are challenges all WaaS networks face as they grow in size and scope. GridPane are known as the go-to hosting platform for WP Ultimo sites.

Smash Your Hosting Problems Once & For All

WordPress pro’s from all over the world are moving their most important, high-traffic websites to GridPane. Why not take us for a test drive? You can get started today for free!

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