Use Cases

GridPane isn’t for everyone. But if you run a WordPress focused business or a complex WordPress website, we’re probably a perfect match.

WordPress Agencies & Pro's

GridPane was created with WordPress agencies and professional WordPress developers in mind. Our platform offers the technology, high-end service features, and support to build large scale, enterprise capable WordPress hosting and/or care plan offerings. You won’t need a managed hosting provider.. but you could build your own with GridPane.

We're also a great fit for large scale WordPress

This includes websites such as high-traffic WooCommerce stores, Learning Management Systems, and WaaS Networks/ large Multisite installations. Depending on your precise needs and technical expertise, our managed hosting service Apollo may also be a great fit.

LMS Websites

Learning Management Systems face unique caching and scaling challenges that require technical hosting expertise. GridPane gives you the flexibility you need to fine-tune your servers for optimal LMS performance.

Large Scale WooCommerce

Whether hosting your own ecommerce store of offering ecommerce specific hosting services, see how GridPane could save/make you thousands.

WaaS Networks

Performance, security, scaling, and database management are challenges all WaaS networks face as they grow in size and scope. GridPane are known as the go-to hosting platform for WP Ultimo sites.

Smash Your Hosting Problems Once & For All

Test drive GridPane today for FREE and see for yourself the awesome suite of features and tools we’ve built for serious WordPress professionals like you. We’re flipping managed WordPress on its head… care to join us?

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