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Managed Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Custom servers that are secured, managed and personally optimised to meet your WordPress websites specific needs.
Created and managed by the very same developers who built GridPane from the ground up.

A Fully Managed WordPress Enterprise Solution

Apollo is a custom hosting solution powered by GridPane’s stack and fine tuned to your websites unique requirements. We’ll take care of all server optimization, updates, security hardening, network and hardware outages, and more. 

There are zero maintenance requirements from your team. We’ll even manage WordPress core updates for you. Your WordPress developers can do what they’re great at and focus solely on driving your business forward.

We’re 100% committed to WordPress and Apollo is powered by developers who know WordPress front to back. 

Built for Performance

Every layer of GridPane has been built with performance in mind. With Apollo, we’ll fine tune this even further to keep your WordPress website lightening fast under heavy load.

Tailored to your requirements

Every WordPress site has different needs. We'll tailor your server to your websites unique requirements for optimal performance.

The World's Best Infrastructure

We'll host your website on the best infrastructure in the world, and when the best changes, we'll migrate your website to take advantage.

Modern Hosting Stack & Server Caching

GridPane runs on a state of the art LEMP7 stack featuring MySQL 8 + Percona, Nginx level server caching, and Redis object caching. 

Priority Support, 24 hours a day

We’ll take care of your websites as if they were our own, and we’re available 24/7 if you need us.

Custom Onboarding

Well take the time to get to know you and your business, and develop and clear understanding of your needs and goals for the future. 

Personal Account Manager

You'll have a dedicated account manager to take care of your website. They'll manage your migration to our platform, and be available to help guide and advise your business as you continue to grow.

Engineers on Live chat 24/7

You'll receive priority support by our 24/7 support team. If you need us, we have live engineers available, usually within 60 seconds.

Enterprise Security

Tiered security at the DNS level, server level and WordPress level

Multiple Firewalls

We’ll lock down every aspect of your site that needs it, and bots with bad intentions will be stopped in their tracks before they even reach your server.

DDOS Protection

Denial of service attacks are automatically mitigated, and we’ll work to identify the source while keeping the site active and available.

A+ SSL Rating

Our SSL certificates get an A+ rating from SSL Labs and you can provision certificates via API before setting your DNS live. 

Rate Limiting

Simple but effective DoS protection out of the box. We’ll block users, bots, or applications that are abusing your website.

Deep Server and Application level hardening

ALL GridPane servers are hardened immediately on creation. We’ll personally lockdown your website for application level hardening.

Malware Scanning and Incident handling

Continuous malware scanning and done for you malware removal/clean up should your plugins or theme ever become compromised.

Comprehensive Backups and
System Planning

Uptime Monitoring

Your website will be monitored 24/7, 365 days per year. If your website were ever to go down, we'll know about it within 2 minutes.


If a server outage ever occurs, we'll automatically serve your website from a failover server in a different location. 

Daily Backups

We'll create a custom backup schedule for you. Need hourly backups? No problem, we'll back your website up both locally and off server, every hour, on the hour.

One of the new entrants in this years test, GridPane only competed at the Enterprise tier to likely send a message that says we’re here and we’re serious. Well the results say, welcome to the club. Perfect uptime and the second fastest Load Storm average response time combined with a miniscule 3 total errors on both load tests say GridPane is here to perform. The only improvement I would like to see is better scores on WebPageTest where outside of US/Europe it wasn’t as fast as some of the competition. Overall, happy to see GridPane show us that another Top Tier Enterprise performer is here.

Kevin Ohashi

See the 2020 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks data!

Bespoke Plans

Security Features and Policies

Daily Malware Scans, Multiple WAFs available, AppArmor, Chroot, OS Updates, External WAF Support. Hacked sites are fixed for free. Immutable core optional.

Custom SLA per client if requested.
Default SLA is minimum 99.9% uptime.

Let's discuss your business

Hey there! We’d be happy to assist in making sure you get the right hosting plan to fit your businesses real world needs. We have the working knowledge and real world experience to help you make sure you choose the right plan for your business (both now and into the future). Apollo Enterprise plans start at $1000 per month.