WordPress Migration Fundamentals


At the point when you’re ready to move your websites to GridPane, you likely have quite a few that will need migrating. To make this a smooth and painless process, there are a few key fundamentals that every professional who works with WordPress should be well versed in. The guides linked below will provide you all the information you need to become proficient at migrating WordPress websites to GridPane (or any other platform).

These articles cover the fundamentals. For further reading, check out the migration section of our knowledge base here:
Knowledge Base: Migrating to GridPane

Migration Fundamentals

The following four guides cover the fundamentals that you should know when migrating your websites to GridPane. These cover the birdseye overview, answer some of the most common questions, and the basic skills and that will make your migrations a much smoother process.

1. Process Overview: How to Migrate to GridPane with Zero Downtime

2. How to Use the Local Hosts file to create Redirects

3. Temporary URLs for Migrations and Development

4. Working with the wp-config.php and an introduction to user-configs.php

DNS Management

Offering WordPress hosting and care plan services, or even just setting websites that you develop live will usually require basic knowledge of DNS. The following articles cover the foundations and offer management strategies to reduce your workload.

1. Setting DNS Records

2. DNS Management and CNAMEs

3. Floating IP Addresses and GridPane

SSL Certificates Before DNS Change

The migration process often goes a great deal smoother if the destination site at GridPane already has an SSL certificate, and may even be necessary to view a migrated site before you switch the DNS over. These two guides detail how to provision an SSL certificate BEFORE you change your DNS records.

1. Provisioning an SSL using DNS API Domain verification

2. Provisioning an SSL using DNS API Domain verification by Proxy Challenge


Over the past 5 years we’ve seen every migration scenario you can possibly imagine (and probably many you can’t). Every single issue that we’ve come across is detailed in our “Diagnosing Migration Issues” article. These tips not only apply to GridPane, but the contents of this article will help you become an expert in migrating websites to and from any other hosts.

Diagnosing Migration Issues

Migration Guides

The migation section of our knowledge base has numerous detailed articles for plugins like Migrate Guru, All in One WP Migration, and more, plus articles on migrating manually without a plugin.

You can view all of our WordPress migration articles here:
Knowledge Base: Migrating to GridPane