What is the optimal caching strategy for GridPane, should I run a plugin cache?

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We get asked this question a lot, and the answer here is that it varies significantly. Just as no two kids are the same (as most parents with two or more kids would attest), no two sites are the same either :). What works optimally for one site, may not be optimal for another site. That being said, here are some guidelines:

Should I run a plugin like Swift, WP Rocket, etc? Generally speaking, running a plugin like these, the caching part of it won’t move the needle as long as you’re using one of our server level caches, but the site optimizations like CSS minification, JS deferments, image optimizations, those types of optimizations can definitely move the needle. However, if you choose to run these plugins, we would recommend either disabling the caching component of these plugins, or disabling our server level cache. If you do run both caches, what tends to happen is that the cache will become cross poisoned. The plugin cache will be cleared, but the server cache will still have some data in it, and it’ll lead to errors on the site, visual errors, etc.

In the GridPane UI, the Redis and FastCGI toggles are for Full Page Caching. This is not to be confused with Redis Object Caching which is via our plugin: https://github.com/gridpane/gridpane-redis-object-cache

For Redis and FastCGI Full Page Caching, you need to have Nginx Helper installed and configured. Documentation on both of this can be found here: https://gridpane.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=caching


What’s the best caching setup for an ecommerce site? The ideal setup we would recommend is Redis Full Page Caching and Redis Object Caching. 

What’s the best caching setup for a static brochure site? We would recommend FastCGI with a high caching timer (300+ seconds). Redis Object Caching would be optional.

What’s the best caching setup for a WaaS? Redis Full Page Caching and Redis Object Caching.

Just as a general overview on potential options, you can do the following combinations:

Redis Full Page Caching and Redis Object Caching

Redis Full Page Caching only

FastCGI Full Page Caching and Redis Object Caching

FastCGI Full Page Caching only

No server caching and Redis Object Caching

No server caching or Redis Object Caching

Plugin Caching

Plugin Caching and Redis Object Caching