Using Google Drive with Bundles

2 min read

To add non-WordPress repository themes and plugins to your bundles, you can add your own custom links. We have a KB item for using Dropbox here and in this article we show how Google Drive can be used for the same.

Step 1: Create a folder where you are going to upload the bundle zip files in your GDrive either using the desktop/mobile app or the web interface.

Step 2: Change the share permissions of that folder so anyone with the link can access it.

Step 3: Upload your plugin/theme zip file to this folder. Select the file and right click or click the Link icon and copy the share link for the file you want to add as a bundle in your GridPane account.

Step 4: Paste the link URL in a text editor.


Note the numeric part of the URL, this is the file ID. In the above example, it is 1YFfivWtDFkCcXQE0py2rQdL1x295s9IV.

Step 5: Using the following as your template, replace the “DRIVE_FILE_ID” with your file ID.


Test the above URL by visiting it in your browser and it should begin to get downloaded. This is the URL that you can add in your bundle.

Repeat Step 3 onwards for as many files as you want to add to your bundle.