GridPane Self Managed vs PeakFreq vs Managed WP Cloud: Which is Right For You?

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If you’re new to GridPane and are unsure which of our hosting plans is right for you (or even which option is right for the different types of hosts you manage), this article will provide you with a rundown of our available solutions and who they’re best suited to.

Table of Contents

  1. Managed WP Cloud Hosting
  2. PeakFreq Managed Hosting
  3. GridPane Self-Managed Hosting
  4. Summary

Managed WP Cloud Hosting

Best fit: Use WP Cloud for websites where peace of mind is paramount.

  • Our managed WP Cloud is priced on a per site basis, similar to traditional managed hosting. If you’re moving an important website from a managed provider like Kinsta, WP Engine, etc, WP Cloud may be an excellent choice.
  • WP Cloud is a higher-end hosting service suitable for websites that are higher stakes – e.g. high-value leads or products, or high-traffic WooCommerce, etc.
  • If you’re a business owner and not a WordPress professional, our managed WP Cloud service is likely a better fit for you than our other solutions.

WP Cloud includes far superior server specs to most other managed WordPress providers, as well as real-time backups to a secondary data center that your site will automatically be served from if your primary server ever goes offline for any reason, and much more. You can learn more about our fully managed WP Cloud hosting here:

GridPane Managed WP Cloud Hosting

PeakFreq Managed Hosting

Best fit: You’re looking for a managed hosting solution similar to Cloudways but aren’t ready for GridPane Self-Managed hosting.

  • PeakFreq is a direct Cloudways competitor and pricing is per server, not per website (and also approximately 30% less expensive).
  • PeakFreq is a great choice for people that want their own server, but feel like our self-managed hosting may be too complicated or you’re looking for more features than our Core plan but aren’t ready for our Panel plan.
  • You want to run your websites on Vultrs highest frequency CPU servers.
  • You use GridPane self-managed already, but want our team to be more involved in the management and monitoring of your server/s.
  • You’re using our Core plan and want more features and support.

Learn more about PeakFreq here:

GridPane Self-Managed Hosting

Best fit: GridPane self-managed is for everyone who works with WordPress professionally, and everyone should at least have our free Core account.

Many WordPress pros believes that “self-managed” hosting is too complicated for them or that you need prior experience working on the command line or even being a professional sysadmin to use our platform.

This is simply not the case. In fact, if your websites aren’t full of codebase errors and you stick to our recommendations for number of sites per server, your servers will simply run themselves.

GridPane also offers approximately 380 knowledge base articles, and you and your team can dramatically improve your skills and become fully capable of both offering AND selling an exceptional managed WordPress hosting service to your clients.


  1. Managed WP Cloud is perfect for your most important websites where peace of mind is the key.
  2. PeakFreq is perfect for you if you’re looking for a managed hosting solution similar to Cloudways, at a lower price point, and that runs on high-frequency Vultr servers.
  3. GridPane self-managed is for EVERYONE who works with WordPress professionally.