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Our features



Developer Plus

Nginx & OpenLiteSpeedNginx Only
Percona and MariaDB Database OptionsPercona Only
Number of ServersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
API Integrated Server ProvidersVultr OnlyVultr, DigitalOcean, UpCloud, Linode, AWS LightsailVultr, DigitalOcean, UpCloud, Linode, AWS Lightsail
Custom Server Option
Redis Object Caching
One-Click Staging Sites and Easily Push From Live to Staging / Staging to Live
Advanced Staging Pushes
Site Cloning/Migrations
Website Cloneover
Clone a non-staging website over another existing website.
Local Website BackupsHourly/Daily/WeeklyHourly/Daily/Weekly
Hourly/Daily/Weekly Remote Website Backups to AWS S3, Backblaze B2, and/or WasabiIncludes AWS S3 and Backblaze B2Includes All Providers
A+ Grade SSL Certificates
Customizable 7G WAF
ModSecurity WAF
Maldet + ClamAV Malware Scanner
Easy Brute Force Protection with Fail2Ban
WordPress Security Hardening
Login to Your WordPress Sites with One-Click
WordPress Multisite
WP Ultimo Integration and Auto SSL
Our Ultimo integration makes it easy to manage SSL certificates for mapped domains. It does NOT include a plugin license.
Integration available via CLI, but WaaS networks are not covered by support
Cloudflare and DNS Made Easy API Integration
Multiple PHP Versions Including PHP 8.1
Easily Manage PHP Settings Per Website
One-Click PHPMyAdmin Access
Monit Server Monitoring, Healing, and Notifications (including Slack notifications)
On Demand Server Health Check
Full root SSH Access
SFTP Server Access
Easily Suspend a Website*
Suspending a site is available via CLI on Panel
One-Click WP Debug Activation
MySQL and PHP Slow Logging*
Slow logging is available via CLI on Panel
Extensive GP-CLI Access
Multiple API Keys Per ProviderYes
GridPane API Access
Add Team Members to Your Account
Snapshot Failover™
UpdateSafely™ (BETA)
MultitenancyAgency/Enterprise Plans OnlyAgency/Enterprise Plans OnlyAgency/Enterprise Plans Only
Client Portal Access (PanelPress)
Access to the Client Portal (PanelPress)50 Websites
Whitelabel / Co-Branding (PanelPress)
Included 3rd Party Integrations
Vulnerability Scanning50 Websites
Vulnerability Remediation50 Websites
Fortress Enterprise Security Plugin50 Websites
Site Uptime Monitoring and Notifications50 Websites
Automated DNS Failover50 Websites
Object Cache Pro & Relay1 Website
Access to WP.Cloud*
Per site fees apply
Support AccessKnowledge Base OnlyStandard Support
Panel is our DIY plan. It's backed by the most comprehensive knowledge base of any hosting SaaS, as well as a gamified, open approach to support related issues. It does not include chat or ticket support unless our team create one for you.
1 Support Seat
GridPane 360 Preemptive SupportOptional Paid Addon
GridPane App Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)
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Common Questions

Do you have questions about the different plans? These are some of the most common from our presales conversations, and you can find even more that cover over on our FAQ page here.

The Core plan allows you to create up to 25 websites across as many different servers as you need. If you need one server per website, no problem!

Please note that there is a limit of 5 websites to 1GB of RAM on our Core plan (this limit does not apply to our paid plans). This means that a 2GB of RAM server can host up to 10 websites. This is to prevent issues that can occur from hosting too many websites on the same server, given this is a freemium plan with no support guaranteed.

Server prices vary, but they start from $10/month. Please note that 1vCPU 1GB servers at DigitalOcean and Vultr are restricted on this plan as they are simply too small to be considered safe to use. We want you to have a reliable, highly performant hosting solution for your websites.

It’s fairly straightforward: we make a little bit of money when you choose to sign up to certain infrastructure providers that we have integrated into the platform. And we’ve eliminated all of the costs associated with supporting these free accounts. Our support team is still standing by 24/7 in the (unlikely) event of any issues with the application or our stack. Core users are encouraged to enroll in the various educational pathways that we’ve built across our documentation and our knowledge base.

On the CORE plan, no support is included, and as a measure to prevent unwanted site outages, we constrain the tenancy of your servers based on resources.

This means that you can host 5 websites per 1 GB of RAM for a total of up to 25 websites

The 5 sites per GB of RAM limit does not apply to our paid plans.

When there is insufficient RAM, you will receive the following notice: “Error: This server has too little RAM to build more sites on your current plan.”

Servers themselves aren’t included in our plans. We’re a SaaS platform that allows you to bring VPS or dedicated servers directly from providers such as DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, UpCloud, etc, and provision and manage them with our software.

You can choose the servers that best suit your needs and purchase plans for them directly at the provider at cost. 

We install and maintain our high-performance server stack, and this allows you to use all of our features (security, backups, staging, cloning, etc) for your websites. You effectively become a web host, with the backing of our software and support team.

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