Video Interview: Choosing the Right Web Host

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On Feb 10th (2023), our CEO Patrick jumped on a call with Ben Gabler, CEO of, and Kyle Van Deusen from the Admin Bar to discuss how to choose the right web hosting platform/provider. 

In the interview, they dive into:

  1. The four categories of WordPress hosting, some of the downfalls of shared hosting, opinions on Cloudways, and why people often move upstream from shared providers.
  2. GridPane: Who we’re best suited for.
  3. Economies of scale: How the cost of hosting depends on the number of websites being hosted, traffic, and the level of support required.
  4. High-traffic websites and when a different type of hosting solution may be required.
  5. Caching: The role caching plays in speed and performance.
  6. DevOps: A quick overview of what DevOps is.
  7. Apache vs. Nginx: Apache’s limitations in handling requests compared to Nginx.
  8. Agency care plans: Why agency care plans are a good idea for maintaining a client’s digital footprint and why hosting should be part of the web package offered by the agency. 
  9. Partnership: The importance of partnering with a hosting company that can provide the foundation for a care plan and support to ensure the success of your business.

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