Trying GridPane (and Digital Ocean) for Free

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One of my primary objectives with GridPane is that it be as accessible as humanly possible.

And there’s pretty much nothing more intimidating to your basic run-of-the-mill WordPress site owner than “Why don’t you just spin up a VPS node and install this SaaS control panel on it and then you can…”

They’re checked out by the third word in that conversation.

Because the “you” in that scenario is THEM.

And now they have to go do all that stupid stuff, and they’re confused and not interested and “Gotta go, thanks!”

So I’m hoping that we can simplify account signups and make it all cost zero dollars for you to get your feet wet in the first place.

My blatant affiliate link to Digital Ocean is right here:

That should be good for $100 free at Digital Ocean.

I’m very intentionally not concealing that behind some “here” text or whatever. If you go there and signup and then you like Digital Ocean and you continue to spend money with them, they will pay me for sending them a new satisfied customer.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s the way all kinds of things get promoted and sold online. Almost every major hosting provider, even the really respectable ones, use affiliate programs to promote their services.

In the long run we’ll be offering affiliate promotions of the GridPane service.

That’s not the objective right now, and neither is me making money off of you spending money somewhere else.

I want you to give money directly to me, in exchange for something that you deem to be more valuable than what you’re paying. That’s basically the whole idea behind this software and this company… you like it, it kicks ass for you, you pay for it.

But you’ve got start somewhere, so my motivation here is that you simply try any infrastructure provider and just see for yourself how easy this can be.

So use that link above, or use another link, from somewhere else, to any provider of your choosing.

Then create a new VPS server and connect it to GridPane. In less than 15 minutes you can have live screaming fast WordPress sites and everybody goes home in a limousine.

Here, let me show you…

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