Big Updates! July in Review

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Big updates on the platform have been released! This post will cover the main highlights on our July releases, and here’s a video from Patrick to cover the latest updates.

For activating new backups you can find the link to the request form below, however please be sure to read that section through so that you understand the full implications of the upgrade.

Releases this week


Backups have now been released in BETA. These are available for all developers right now on request, however you must be absolutely sure you’re ready to turn them on as it will wipe out all on the previous backup system (Borg) backups.

We highly recommend you back your websites up remotely before making the switch. This cannot be reversed and old Borg backups cannot be recovered.

For Pro users, this should be available to you early next week.

For activating the new backups upgrade please check out the GridPane Backups Upgrade Request Form here.

Tooltips / KB Links

Tooltips are now available through the UI. These link directly to our Knowledge Base articles to help you get up and running with all the tools in your dashboard without needing to leave your account page.

Status Page

We’ve completely rebuilt the status page to give real time updates on the status of the providers we integrate with. Now you’ll be see if say Vultr is actually down even if their status page says that all systems are go. More will be added shortly, but please feel free to add any providers you’d like to see as a feature request over on

Live Chat

We’ve replaced our chat bot with a new live chat system. Unfortunately, after investing $25,000 into making this AI work, it ultimately caused more problems than it solved, and it simply was not good enough.

We’re switching back to a system that was very similar to what we used in the very beginning, but that we believe has much more capability. We’re building automation’s in for the details we need to begin managing your ticket, but please note that this isn’t a substitute for reading the documentation. The new chat also allows to do things like video and audio calls, live screen sharing and potentially more (developer only).

Earlier in July

New Site Builds

There is now the ability to completely customise your sites during the build process AND set the defaults for these customisations.

This allows you to configure caching, SMTP, PHP version, PHP workers and more. To learn more about setting up your defaults, check our KB:

New WordPress Website Build Configuration Settings

System Users

System users can now be created at the same time your create new websites, making it easier than ever to keep each of your websites isolated from one another. We’ve also tightened up the system user deletion process.


MariaDB is now available as a database option. It’s still in BETA right now, but coming to a server near you soon.


Oauth for both Gitlab and Github is now available for all users.

Full Changelog

For all of the latest changes, please check out our changelog:

And that’s a wrap! Stay safe and have a great weekend everyone!

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