Thank You!

We’re extremely excited about Relay and what it brings to the table. Below you’ll find all the information about getting started.

Next Steps

Step 1. License keys

To get started with Relay, log in to your GridPane account and open up a support ticket with the following details of your purchase and servers you would like to run Relay on:

  1. Email addressed used for your purchase.
  2. Number of licenses purchased.
  3. IP addresses of your servers where you would like Relay activated (4GB RAM recommended, but not required).

Our support team will then generate your licenses and supply them to you in your support ticket.

Note: This is the fastest way for you to get started using Relay and OCP. However, if you don’t need to immediately begin testing our team will reach out to you directly in the coming two to three business days with your licenses.

Step 2. Install and activate Relay and Object Cache Pro

Please see this guide for details on how to activate Relay and Object Cache Pro with your licenses:

Getting Started with Relay and Object Cache Pro

If you’re on Developer Plus and/or you’re installing Relay on 10 or more websites on a given server, you can request our team install and activate Relay and Object Cache Pro for you.