Panel Plan

Our popular Panel plan includes a huge suite of tools to make hosting your websites on your own servers easier than ever. Upgrade your hosting performance, security, and overall toolset above and beyond traditional “managed” hosts, and grow your monthly recurring revenue through WordPress care plans.

Configure and Create Websites in Just a Few Clicks

GridPane allows you to configure all of the following when you create new websites so your preferred settings are all activated for you as your website is created:

Configure Local and Remote Backups

Good backups are like insurance… if insurance covered everything, cost practically nothing, and always paid out. They are the single most cost effective investment in your online presence that you will ever make.

Fully Configurable

You choose how frequently to back things up, all the way up to every hour. Who can afford to lose an entire day worth of work or data? Not the kind of WordPress pros that we built this for.

Local and Remote Backups

Backup your websites hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly directly on your server and to any or all of our supported third-party providers we integrate with.

Encrypted and Deduplicated

Our backups are extremely space-efficient and secure.

Simple, Highly-Effective WordPress Security Made Easy

Fundamental WordPress security is built directly into the platform, and you can easily use options like forced routing and putting each website on its own system user to keep them isolated and secure.

A+ Grade SSL Certificates

We make provisioning A+ grade SSL certificates quick and simple. Use our Cloudflare/DNSME integrations to provision wildcard SSLs.

Secure wp-config.php

We store the wp-config.php file one level up from the htdocs directory to keep it hidden and protected.

Rate Limiting

Out of the box, we rate limit requests to wp-login.php and the admin-ajax endpoint, providing simple but highly effective brute force protection.

Force Routing

Avoid common exploits with forced routing so that your website can't be exploited to redirect your visitors elsewhere.

Website Isolation

Keep your individual websites isolated and secure by creating individual system users. This ensures that if one site was ever to be compromised, it cannot cross-infect any other website.

HTTP Security Headers

We implement security headers by default to ensure security vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and clickjacking are automatically prevented.

SFTP and SSH Only

We enforce secure server connections via SFTP and SSH only. No FTP, no exceptions.


New websites will always be provisioned on an up-to-date version of PHP – unless you go out of your way and manually make it otherwise.

Secure WordPress Users

Newly created websites have strong passwords by default. You also have the ability to set your own default username.

Disable XML-RPC in One-Click

XML RPC is an old, outdated, and insecure method of remotely posting to your WordPress website. If you’re not using it, you should disable it completely.

Block PHP Execution Outside WordPress Loop

We already block PHP execution from wp-content/uploads/* by default, and you can further dramatically increase your websites security by enabling this hardening measure.

Block Enumeration, Scraping, and More

Additional measures include disabling username enumeration, disabling emojis and RSS, hiding your WordPress version, and blocking trackbacks, OPML linking, upgrade.php, install.php, load-scripts concatenation, and comments.

Optimized Hosting Platform

Nginx/OpenLiteSpeed, PHP, and MySQL are all configured with ideal defaults for almost all WordPress websites out of the box. You’ll have full control to tweak your PHP INI, PHP worker, and MySQL settings if ever needed.

High Performance Nginx

Our Nginx stack is extremely performant, offers two page caching mechanisms, and is highly customizable.

Tuned OpenLiteSpeed

If you’re transitioning from Apache servers, OpenLiteSpeed will be familiar in function but with dramatic performance benefits.

Optimized MySQL

GridPane offers two highly-performant database options: MariaDB and Percona. Both are tuned for great performance by default.

Page Caching

Both our stacks offer high-performance server level page caching. Once a page is loaded your server creates a static version of it, which can then be loaded much faster the next time someone visits that page. No PHP or database requests required.

Redis Object Caching

Cache your database for ultra-fast dynamic page loading and server resource preservation. This is extremely powerful or WooCommerce, LMS sites, BuddyBoss, and more.

Browser Caching

Take advantage of browser caching with our properly configured caching headers and have your visitors browsers store static files like CSS, JS, fonts, images, etc, so new page loads are near instant.

And More!

Panel includes all of the above features, along with all of the following and more:

A+ Grade SSL Certificates
Pre-install Theme and Plugin Bundles
Create Blueprint Starter Websites
Cloudflare API Integration
Wildcard SSL Certificates
Easy, Unrestricted PHP Management
One-Click PHPMyAdmin Access
Full Access to ALL of Your Logs
Easily Move/Clone Your Websites
Clone ALL Websites to a New Server
WordPress One-Click Login (Single Sign-On)
GP-CLI and WP-CLI for Quick Management
Full, Unrestricted Root Access
Secure SFTP Access
Easily Turn On WordPress Debug
PHP and MySQL Slow Logging Tools

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