Developer Plus

Our Developer PLUS plan includes all of the great features included in our Panel plan plus a massive amount of functionality that will save you time, save you money and help you grow your hosting/care plan business.

Advanced Staging Websites

GridPane staging allows you to test your WordPress plugin and theme updates on your staging website before updating your live website and test your code and other dev work before setting it live into production.

Our advanced staging features allow you to:

Snapshot Failover™

Snapshot Failover™ is a proprietary high-availability setup that allows you to clone all of the sites on one server over to another server and set a syncing schedule for as little as one hour.

Couple this with DNS failover (also included!), and you can ensure your websites stay up and running even if your provider has an outage that impacts an entire data center.

Snapshot Failover™ covers certain outages better than traditional failover setups and makes it simple to ensure a working clone of your most important websites is ready to go if your primary server ever experiences an outage.

WordPress Multitenancy

Multitenancy is the ideal solution for building a WordPress-based SaaS. Your websites will share a central immutable codebase on a per-server basis that’s managed via Git, but will each have their own PHP resources, database, and uploads folder like your regular WordPress websites, and can be scaled independently of one another.

You can easily create different Git repositories to offer different website packages, including functionality such as WooCommerce and Learning Management Systems (LMS), which is a notoriously bad idea on WordPress multisite.

Fortress Security Plugin: 50 Websites

Vaults & Pillars

Never store sensitive data in plain text in the database again! Secure your data with Fortress Vaults, and secure important settings in the wp_options table with Pillars.

Password Security

A drop-in, argon2-based password hashing schema that will have hackers gnashing their teeth for decades instead of cracking your password hashes in hours.

Login Protection

Fortress's custom rate-limit implementation stops even the nastiest distributed, multi-IP brute force attacks in their tracks without frustrating captchas.

Two-Factor Authentication

A 2FA suite with unique defense-in-depth measures, impervious even if your entire database is compromised.

Session Protection

Fortress brings Fortune 500-level session hijacking and cookie-theft protection to WordPress.

Don’t settle for checkbox security. Fortress provides real world protection for your site in the areas most effectively handled at the plugin level and is deeply integrated into the GridPane stack.

BitNinja Server Security

BitNinja: 3 Servers

We’ve partnered with BitNinja, and Developer Plus will include its use on up to 3 servers (with more available as an addon). These servers will not be limited by the regular BitNinja system user policy and will be available for ALL system users (and, therefore ALL sites) on your servers.

WordPress Vulnerability Scanning

Developer Plus includes vulnerability scanning for ALL of your websites. 

If a known vulnerability is found in WordPress core, or a theme or plugin installed on your website, we will send you a notification, and the vulnerability details will be available to view in full inside your website customizer in the security tab.

Vulnerability Remediation &
360 Support for 50 Websites Soon!

Our vulnerability remediation feature plans have been buffed up significantly with the addition of our 360 support. 

With 360, not only will you get proactive remediation of security vulnerabilities but you’ll have our team’s constant 24/7 monitoring of all of your most critical applications and servers. 

All sites and servers enrolled in 360 get a thorough health check, a tenancy/resource assessment, and they’re connected to our team’s monitoring systems for resolution of issues while you sleep. 

360 support includes:

1 Dynamic Enterprise Application Soon!

Redis Object Cache Pro (OCP) and Relay (missing at most hosts), can have a tremendous impact on the performance of highly dynamic websites like WooCommerce, LMS, BuddyBoss, and more. 

When used together, OCP and Relay can greatly improve the performance of your applications while actually cutting your server costs by as much as 75%.

This feature is being expanded and will now be called Dynamic Enterprise Applications. These websites will now also include a one-time site audit and infrastructure recommendations. More sites will be available as add-ons.

UpdateSafely™ Beta

UpdateSafely™ is our trademarked WordPress update system and is designed to take care of a big part of your WordPress maintenance routine so that you no longer have to.

UpdateSafely™ works by making a copy of your live site, running available WordPress updates (core, theme, and plugin), and then runs a sophisticated visual comparison. If everything goes smoothly, it will proceed to update your live site, completely taking over update management for you.

And More!

Developer Plus includes a massive suite of WordPress hosting features, with a lot more planned for the future!


Developer Plus includes 60 sites inside PanelPress, our separate panel where you can give clients access to their sites, restrict their control, and offer a more friendly user experience.

DNS Failover

If you're using our excellent Snapshot Failure feature, Developer Plus includes the DNS part of the equation for up to 50 websites (service is available on request).

Full & Hybrid Git

Easily connect a Git repo to your websites and even auto-deploy. We offer full and hybrid integrations, and you can even configure your own scripts to run before/after deployment.

Soon!Development Domains

Development environments are WordPress sites that you can build in your account, which include free access to our best tools (like OCP, Relay, and Fortress) on a subdomain of your choosing. 50 sites included.

Planned: Site Manager

Manage WordPress from within your GridPane account. Install new themes and plugins, and update core/themes/plugins for up to 250 sites. (Cool sounding name TBD).

Planned: Lifespan

Create temporary WordPress development environments that automatically erase themselves, even if your busy ass forgets about them.

Easily Create and Configure Websites
Pre-install Theme and Plugin Bundles
Create Blueprint Starter Websites
A+ Grade SSL Certificates
Wildcard SSL Certificates
Easy PHP Management
One-Click PHPMyAdmin Access
Cloudflare API Integration
Easily Move/Clone Your Websites
Clone ALL Websites to a New Server
Local Backups on Your Server
Remote Backups to Remote Storage
High Performance Caching
Redis Object Caching
Suite of Security Tools
Full Access to ALL of Your Logs
Full, Unrestricted Root Access
Secure SFTP Access
Easily Turn On WordPress Debug
PHP and MySQL Slow Logging Tools
GP-CLI and WP-CLI for Quick Management
High Performance Nginx Stack
GridPane OpenLiteSpeed Stack
Multisite Support and WP Ultimo Integration

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