Core Plan

Host up to 25 websites on a world-class hosting stack, purpose-built for high-performance WordPress. Our 100% free Core plan includes access to server-level page caching, Redis object caching, A+ grade SSL certificates, 7G Web Application Firewall, and more. 

Optimized Hosting Platform, Comprehensive Knowledge Base, Community, & More!

Our Core plan allows you to create servers at Vultr and includes our optimized Nginx, PHP, and MySQL stack, pre-configured with ideal defaults for almost all WordPress websites out of the box. You’ll have full control to tweak your PHP and MySQL settings if ever needed, with everything thoroughly detailed in the most comprehensive manual (knowledge base) of any web host, with over 370+ detailed articles.

High Performance Nginx

Our Nginx stack is extremely performant, offers two page caching mechanisms, and is highly customizable.

Easy Website Management

Full control and access to all of the tools you need to effectively manage your WordPress websites and create your own inhouse hosting offering.

Optimized MySQL

GridPane offers two highly-performant database options: MariaDB and Percona. Both are tuned for great performance by default.

Page Caching

Both our stacks offer high-performance server level page caching. Once a page is loaded your server creates a static version of it, which can then be loaded much faster the next time someone visits that page. No PHP or database requests required.

Redis Object Caching

Cache your database for ultra-fast dynamic page loading and server resource preservation. This is extremely powerful or WooCommerce, LMS sites, BuddyBoss, and more.

Browser Caching

Take advantage of browser caching with our properly configured caching headers and have your visitors browsers store static files like CSS, JS, fonts, images, etc, so new page loads are near instant.

7G Firewall
A+ Grade SSL Certificates
Create Blueprint Starter Websites
Easy, Unrestricted PHP Management
One-Click PHPMyAdmin Access
Full Access to ALL of Your Logs
Easily Move/Clone Your Websites
Clone ALL Websites to a New Server
WordPress One-Click Login (Single Sign-On)
GP-CLI and WP-CLI for Quick Management
Full, Unrestricted Root Access
Secure SFTP Access

Get Started Today!

Get started today with our free Core plan with Vultr, or use our managed PeakFreq service to unlock even more features and begin building your hosting and care plan service!