SSDNodes is NOT Supported By GridPane

1 min read

Unfortunately, we’ve had to mark SSDNodes as an officially unsupported IaaS provider. 

Their systems have a number of non-standard practices which are incompatible with our stack, our scripts, and our automation tools. We run the exact same scripts and tools on AWS, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, and countless other providers without issue. 

While we have seen sites build successfully, on occasion, we inevitably see core functionality of our service breaking down on SSDNode systems.

We therefore cannot support SSDNodes servers and strongly recommend NOT using them.

To make matters worse, with the exception of just one client, we’ve consistently seen incredibly poor performance across every other single client of ours who has attempted to use their platform.

After countless rounds of testing, it’s become clear, time and again, that the way they’re able to offer such insanely low prices, prices that seem too good to be true, is because simply: it is too good to be true. 

The only logical conclusion is that they’re egregiously overselling boxes. It should be noted that most hosts/VPS/infrastructure providers “oversell” resources. It’s an all too common practice, unfortunately. 

But we’ve never seen cases this extreme anywhere else, and they have placed a burden on our support team that is simply not sustainable. SSDNodes is orders of magnitudes cheaper than even the lowest cost VPS providers like VPSDime and the numbers simply don’t add up. At the time of writing for example, you can get the same spec server at SSDNodes for an entire year, for almost half the monthly price of the equivalent server at VPSDime.

We strongly encourage you to look at any of our default integrated providers.