Service Management: Nginx

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Nginx Configuration Check

Run either of these commands after making configuration changes to find issues before reloading or restarting the Nginx.

gp ngx -t
gp ngx -status

Stop/Start Nginx

These commands stop and start Nginx. Run them separately.

gp ngx -stop
gp ngx -start

Restart Nginx

The restart command issues a STOP and then START from one command.

gp ngx -restart

Reload Nginx

Reload reloads the configuration without completely stopping the service. Specifically, RELOAD will do the following:

  • Check configuration syntax
  • Attempts to apply the configuration changes
  • If successful, begins a new Nginx process
  • Old processes begin to shut down as they are no longer needed
gp ngx -reload

In addition the GridPane Nginx reload command will initiate an OCSP stapling response request for all domain configurations with SSL to avoid issues related to Nginx of “lazy loading” responses after the first request.