Oxygen Builder and GridPane Staging, Cloning, and Domain Swaps

1 min read

Oxygen Builder is a fantastic plugin and it works great on GridPane. However, when making any changes to the URL via our Staging, Cloning, or Domain Swap features, it’s important to run the standard checks within your website once the process has completed. This is as follows:

  1. Resave permalinks
  2. Re-sign shortcodes
  3. Regenerate CSS cache

These checks apply whether making changes on GridPane or any other host, and until these are done you may see broken links, images, and other strange behavior on the frontend of your website.

You may also need to clear your websites cache as well.

Automating these checks

There is a feature request for adding WP-CLI commands for Oxygen for re-signing shortcodes and regenerating the CSS cache. If this becomes available in the future we will be able to automate this task for you. You can find this request here:


If it gets enough support, they may create the WP-CLI we need. If these are released, please let our team know via a support ticket