Manage Site Domains and Site Routing (non www vs www)

1 min read

GridPane includes functionality in the Control Panel to easily manage and configure the domains for your WordPress sites.

We have three settings: –

  • None – this is the default setting, and is the equivalent of root, which means your domain will not be served with “www” at the beginning of the URL.
  • Root – forced without www
  • www – forced with www

For example, if the your website is set to either None or Root, it will be served as:

If set to www, it will be served as:

(HTTP vs HTTPS will depend on whether you have an SSL certificate).

Making this change is quick and easy, and we’ll walk through the process step by step below.

Step 1. Open the Website Configuration Modal

First, head to the Sites page inside your GridPane account and click on the name of the domain you wish to edit:

Step 2. Edit your domain settings

With the website configuration modal open, click through to the domains tab. Here you’ll see a table with your primary domain, as well as any alias or redirect domains attached to it.

In the routing column, click on the box outlined in the picture above to open the settings modal.

This will present you with a dropdown where you can select your routing setting:

Make your selection and hit the Save button.

Your routing has now been changed and you’re all set!