Login to your GridPane WordPress sites as your Admin user.

1 min read

To log in to a GridPane WordPress site as your Admin User is no different than logging in to any other WordPress site.

Step 1. Get your WordPress Admin User Credentials.

GridPane allows you to set a Default WordPress Admin User that will be automatically used when creating any new WordPress sites. It’s very simple to set up and we have an easy to follow guide here.

If you are using this feature then your Default Admin User credentials can easily be viewed in your GridPane User Settings.

If you are not using this feature, then GridPane will have used your GridPane Username and Email for your WordPress Admin User, and will have generated and used a very strong password.

In this case you can find your site’s WP Admin User’s credentials in your site log. We have an easy to follow guide that shows you how to view your site log here.

Step 2. Visit your WordPress site login page

Now you have your Admin User login credentials, simply visit your GridPane WordPress site by appending /wp-admin  to the site domain, like so:


or if you are using an SSL


WordPress will automatically redirect you to your login page. Enter your Admin User Credentials and then click log in.

And that is it, you are now logged in as an Admin user with full administrator privileges and can administer the site as required.