Core Plan: New Account Q&A

2 min read

Since the launch of our free Core plan on April 1st, 2022, we’ve had a set of common questions roll in. Below are our answers to these questions.

1. Why only Vultr?

There are a few reasons for this. While we don’t charge on our end, we’re still able to make a little money that makes the Core plan feasible by having a close and mutually beneficial relationship with Vultr, who are an excellent server provider and our top recommendation.

It’s a virtuous circle – the plan is free for everyone, we still make a little money that, as users add up, will make the plan sustainable and allow us to improve upon it, and Vultr gain new customers. Everybody wins.

2. Can I use a custom server?

Custom servers are only available on paid plans. 

3. Is support included?

As the Core plan is 100% free, access to our support team is not included on this plan. However, you do have access to our community forum where you ask questions and post any issues that you’re having with the platform. 

If it’s an issue that we need to fix on our end, our team will create a ticket within our support desk for you.

Here’s our knowledge base article on how support works at GridPane:
How to Create a Support Ticket

4. Where can I get answers to my questions?

With your Core account you can also create an account over on our community forum. Between the existing content there and all of the topics covered in our knowledge base, you may find an answer to your question already exists, but if it doesn’t, you can post your questions there.

To create an account, simply click on the link below and use your GridPane account email address to create your community account:
Create your GridPane community account

5. Can I provision 1GB RAM servers?

1GB RAM servers aren’t available on the free plan. Our minimum recommendation is always 2GB of RAM, and as we don’t provide support for Core accounts, there needs to be a safeguard in place.

Ultimately, we want you to ensure that the websites you host have the resources they need, and 1GB RAM is simply not enough for most use cases.

6. How many websites can I host?

On the CORE plan, no support is included, and as a measure to prevent unwanted site outages, we constrain the tenancy of your servers based on resources.

This means that you can host 5 websites per 1 GB of RAM for a total of up to 25 websites

The 5 sites per GB of RAM limit does not apply to our paid plans.

When there is insufficient RAM, you will receive the following notice: “Error: This server has too little RAM to build more sites on your current plan.”