Can I install other Applications on a GridPane managed server?

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You could, but we don't recommend it and it will affect your servers warranty with GridPane if you do.

GridPane is Built for WordPress

GridPane has been made with one thought in mind, to create the ultimate Cloud/VPS hosting management platform for serious WordPress development. To that end, and almost to the exclusion of everything else, we are focused squarely on WordPress.

Your GridPane servers runs an Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed stack that has been built from the ground up to make your WordPress websites fast, secure, and able to handle world-beating amounts of traffic.

Can You Host Non-WordPress Websites?

We are, however, aware that this stack could be used to host many other PHP-based applications, static websites, and much more. With some terminal work and some updated configuration files, you could install many other different applications on your server.

So you may be asking, can I install any other applications on my GridPane servers?

The answer is quite simple…

You could, but we do not recommend it and would like to discourage you from doing so.

Your Servers and Support

Firstly, let us reiterate that you absolutely could. It is your server. With GridPane, you own the server, our platform’s job is to help you use that server to host and manage incredibly fast and responsive WordPress based sites and web applications.

So with that being said, we also need to say something else… if you do choose to install any other non-WordPress based sites on your GridPane server, then the following applies:

  1. We can not and do not guarantee this other software will work as intended.
  2. We can not and do not guarantee that any of our features or CLI will work as intended – many of them (such as backups, staging, Git, etc) will not.
  3. All applicable SLAs for your GridPane tier, with regards to any GridPane server that has such software installed, are null and void. That is to say, we are unable to provide support for GridPane servers if they contain any other non-GridPane deployed applications.

We want to keep our eyes on the ball, our focus undiluted, and our support on point, and to this end, we actively discourage the installation of other software on your GridPane servers. And if you must do so, please make sure you do not host any of your WordPress websites on those servers.

We hope you appreciate our reasoning, if you do have any questions regarding this issue, then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your understanding.

Installing Non-WordPress Websites/Applications

Having read our warnings above, if you would still like to use a GridPane provisioned server to host some of your non-WordPress websites, here’s a guide that may be helpful:

How to Install Non-WordPress Sites/Applications on GridPane