Features you can only find with true managed WordPress providers...

Purpose-Driven Tools and Functionality for Serious WordPress Professionals

  • New sites in just three clicks
  • Deploy to any VPS provider
  • Powerful LEMP stack
  • AI Assisted Live Chat
  • Fully tuned NGINX with FastCGI
  • Premium AIOM Extensions
  • Automated Migrations and Restore
  • WP-CLI & GridPane CLI tools
  • PHP7.3, MySQL8, and Redis 5
  • Unlimited Servers, Unlimited Sites
  • Built-in Slack notifications
  • Geo-Redundant High Availability
  • Instant updates to DNS Made Easy
  • Remote Third-Party Backups
  • Automatic WSOD resolution
  • Elasticsearch & Elasticpress
  • Visual Confirmed UpdateSafely™
  • Secure SSH keyed access by default
  • Snapshot Failover™ HA
  • Strong firewalls & Hardened Servers
  • Native Let’s Encrypt SSL support
  • Malware Detection and AV
  • Preemptive Support™ & Self-Help
  • Pro Features starting at just $30
Select features enabled by request only on approved accounts

Bulletproof blazing fast VPS builds…

Build brand new, fully optimized, WordPress hosting environments in under 15 minutes, from any provider. 

We have built-in API support for Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode. You can also deploy GridPane to any Ubuntu 18.04 KVM based VPS, from providers like AWS and Google Compute Engine. Just run one single command and you’re off to the races.

Full access to your servers

Root and SFTP access

Need to access your server or give a client SFTP access? No problem! New System Users (SFTP accounts) are just a couple clicks away, via password or SSH.

WP-CLI ready to use

Perform maintenance tasks in record time with tools like WP-CLI baked in. If you don’t want to wade through the command line, we don’t blame you. 

No restrictions

Your GridPane servers are always YOUR servers. We never restrict access or block installs. Just, please, try not to break them.
We might not fix them if you do.

Introducing Preemptive Support™

Preemptive Support™ is a radical support paradigm that fixes problems, automatically, sometimes before you even know they exist. And if you do have a problem, we have live engineers standing by 24/7/365.

AI Assisted Live Chat

Chat and ticketing with real engineers and WordPress experts who have a deep understanding of your specific challenges and the entire software stack. 

Consistent, fast support

On average, tickets are responded to by live human beings in seven minutes or less. Even our Free Forever accounts get immediate support when available.

Automatic Error Fixes

With tools like Monit tracking your microservices, and our automatic WSOD resolution, your sites will stay up, even if your plugins aren’t playing nice with one another.

Awesome API Integrations

A control panel is only as powerful as the tools it brings together. GridPane plays well with almost any provider but is deeply integrated with these giants of the Internet.

High-Performance Stack

Introducing: Prometheus – A Ludicrously Fast Open Source Stack, New from GridPane

Prometheus, our newly developed open-source LEMP stack will make the GridPane dashboard and integrated tools even faster and more powerful. We’ve taken the proven AIO approach from venerable projects like EasyEngine, and we’ve shot way past those initial roots. Long story short: insanely fast, enterprise-ready sites, all in just three-clicks. It doesn’t get any faster or easier than Prometheus and GridPane. 

If Fort Knox was a server...

Web Application FirewallS, Plural

All paid GridPane accounts get access to the highly performant 6G firewall. Developer accounts also get access to a ModSec 3+ compatible WAF with the OWASP 10 ruleset already in place. Tons of customization options like country blocking, paranoia settings, individual IP white/blacklisting, and more. 

Hardened Servers

– Restricted root requires SSH keyed access
– Per Site/System User isolation of processes
– UFW and Fail2Ban preinstalled 

Back That Thang Up...

Backups that can only be called complete and total overkill.

Good backups are like insurance… if insurance covered everything, cost practically nothing, and always paid out. They are the single most cost effective investment in your online presence that you will ever make.

You choose how frequently to back things up, all the way up to every hour. Who can afford to lose an entire day worth of work or data? Not the kind of WordPress pros that we built this for. 

Snapshot Failover™

Snapshot Failover™ is a proprietary high availability setup that allows you to clone all of the sites on one server over to another server, and set a syncing schedule for those paired servers of as little as one hour. 

Couple this with automatic DNS failover and you can ensure your websites stay up and running even when your provider has an outage that impacts an entire datacenter.

While not a true HA solution, Snapshot Failover™ actually covers certain outages better than instantaneous synching clusters or traditional failover setups. Human error, for example, can’t instantly propagate across your Snapshot Failover™ systems. So you have hours or even days to find your mistakes and fix them. 

Introducing UpdateSafely™

Imagine having a designer visually inspect your site down to the pixel, before and after an update.

With UpdateSafely™ all your sites get duplicated once every 24 hours to a “canary” site which is then made current with any new plugin, theme, or core updates. Then your top 10 pages are visually compared and any differences, above your desired threshold, will halt the update process. If everything looks good, we’ll go ahead and update your live site. 

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