Careers at GridPane

We have the following jobs open for immediate hire. Please email to apply. Include your resume and a brief note about why you’d be an awesome fit for GridPane.

WordPress Support Technician

Our mission at GridPane is clear… offer phenomenal support to our customers. We are looking for driven technologists who obsess about: A. helping customers and B. building/supporting new tech.

We are a WordPress shop. We work with Linux. We work remotely. And we are always immediately available to our customers.

The people we appreciate most are…
  • paying attention to customer needs
  • proactively improving their role
  • working closely with their teammates
  • mission-driven problem solvers
  • and generally positive and optimistic.
  • Did we mention you’re the face of the company? You are.
This job…
  • is full time
  • is 100% remote
  • is pretty damn fun
  • requires to-the-minute attendance
  • utilizes chat and other services to interact with customers
  • deals with time-sensitive technical issues
The skills and knowledge you need…
  • Sticktoitiveness (AKA Perseverance)
  • General Technical Aptitude: Show us that you’re a dedicated technologist and that you’re able and willing to learn new technical skills.
  • WordPress: Knowledge of WordPress, Plugins, Themes, and Architecture
  • Understanding of DNS
  • Linux: CLI, Nginx, Caching (general), IP Assignment
  • Web Services: HTTP, HTTPS (and SSL)
  • Experience with Oxygen or Elementor
  • Errors! Understanding of error codes associated with hosting technology (eg. 500, 404)
Note: If you have a distaste for interacting with customers, please do not apply.