360 FAQs

Absolutely! The quicker you enroll your servers, the quicker our team will be able to audit them and get you enrolled.

Multisite networks can be enrolled into 360. Simply make sure you select the server as a multisite addon and that there are no other websites on the server.

The server audit takes approximately 3 days to complete (it varies depending on the day of enrollment and how many servers we’re working on).

Once enrolled, your websites will be automatically added into our monitoring systems and be covered by 360.

The initial discounted $75 minimum pricing covers your 5 websites and first 3 servers.

In this scenario, your next 2 additional sites would incur no cost. The 2 additional servers would be charged at an additional $15 each.

This would therefore cost $105 per month.

After these first 5 websites/servers, it would then cost an additional $15 per site + $15 per server.

When you add a new site to an enrolled server the application will inform of the additional cost to your monthly 360 service fee. All you need to do is click approve and our systems will take care of the rest.

We’re not accepting OpenLiteSpeed servers at this time.

The super short version is: there aren’t any great global scaled alternative solutions, at anything close to this price point.

There are high touch care plans options like GoWP, there is fully managed hosting from providers like Pantheon, there is per Linode management at $100/server, and there are services like ScaleDynamix at $1000+ per month for multiple server management. To the best of my knowledge, none of those services have independent third party monitoring nor do they create “remediation playbooks” which require (and provide) direct human interaction in the event that something blows up while you’re asleep.

Yes, staging sites count towards the site count on your server and are billed the same way as regular production sites. The idea behind 360 is monitoring server and site performance holistically, and the server resources and server logs are shared across all active sites on the server which includes staging sites so they could therefore potentially affect the overall health and performance of the server.

Also, a large percentage of the tickets we see in support on a daily basis are related to staging sites.

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To get started and enroll a server into 360, click the button below to go to your GridPane account settings page and click “Addons” from the left hand menu.