PeakFreq Pricing

PeakFreq pricing is per server, not per website. You can host multiple websites on one PeakFreq server.





Hourly Price

Monthly Price

12 GB RAM64 GB NVMe SSD2 TB$0.0269$18.08
22 GB RAM80 GB NVMe SSD3 TB$0.0402$27.01
24 GB RAM128 GB NVMe SSD3 TB$0.0536$36.02
38 GB RAM256 GB NVMe SSD4 TB$0.1720$72.04
416 GB RAM384 GB NVMe SSD5 TB$0.2143$144.01
624 GB RAM448 GB NVMe SSD6 TB$0.3215$216.05
832 GB RAM512 GB NVMe SSD7 TB$0.4286$288.02
1248 GB RAM768 GB NVMe SSD8 TB$0.5715$384.05

Features Included With PeakFreq

All servers are built on our latest Ubuntu 22.04 stack, and there are no built in website limits on PeakFreq servers. Features vary between plans – details below.

Core Plan and PeakFreq

Panel Plan and PeakFreq

For Panel plan users, all of the features available in the Core plan and all your current Panel plan features are included, as well as:

*Both the primary and failover servers need to be PeakFreq servers.

Developer Plans and Above

For Developer, Developer Plus, and Agency accounts, PeakFreq includes all features that your account includes.

Getting Started

How much should you deposit?

PeakFreq will likely save you a significant amount on your current monthly spend, and the service will be approximately 30% cheaper than Cloudways. That said, we’d recommend depositing the same amount as your current monthly hosting spend. For example, if you’re spending $300/month at Cloudways, we’d recommend depositing $300.