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Do you recommend Vultr’s DDOS protection?

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1. Is Vultr DDOS protection worth the money? ($10/month)

We personally don’t recommend Vultr’s DDoS protection. From what we’ve seen, even an incredibly small DDOS attack, by modern Internet standards, would completely overwhelm the level of protection this service offers.

2. What do you recommend instead?

We highly recommend Cloudflare for not only for security, but a whole range of excellent services.

Cloudflare has a completely free tier that includes DNS, WAF, CDN, and DDOS protection. 

You may be interested in our guide on Cloudflare Firewall rules for WordPress:

Cloudflare Firewall Rules for Securing WordPress Websites

There are also other good paid options like Stackpath. but Cloudflare is a great starting point, especially if you don’t have very specific requirements.

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