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Hey there! Back by popular demand, the GridPane Developer LTD is now available again. Over the years it’s become clear to us that some people, perhaps just like you, will only invest in a product if there’s an LTD available. To meet this demand, we’ve made our Developer plan LTD available again for a set number of spots. Claim yours while they last!

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Due to popular demand, the GridPane LTD is back. Unlike other LTDs that fizzle out over time, get no new features, or are just outright abandoned, GridPane has been the opposite of all the cliches. ALL Developer LTD holders, past and future, get access to GridPane’s core offering. This includes those features that are still to come.

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Features In the Works


Git deployment is in the works - add a Git repository for your websites, and you and your team can make controlled, secure deployments.

UpdateSafely™ (Full 2.0 Release)

Duplicate your sites once every 24 hours to a “canary” site and auto-run plugin, theme, or core updates. UpdateSafely™ will visually compare multiple pages for before and after differences. If everything looks good, your live site be updated, automating one of the most tedious care plan processes for you. If there are visual differences above your desired threshold, a report will be generated for your review and updates will not run.

SMTP Integrations

Additional SMTP integrations are in the works with other popular providers.

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LTD Bonuses!

Sign up today and get FREE access to our Hook with Books training (complete and available), our ongoing Hosting MBA training, and get access to our upcoming Care Plan Leverage and Actually Fast trainings as soon as they are released!

Hosting MBA

The HostingMBA Training including Two Live Intensives (one left) and on-going training.

Hook With Books Training

A simple, repeatable, iterative PROCESS for creating a stable pipeline of fresh prospects.

Actually Fast Training – True Performance Tuning, Training, Resources, Checklist. First module is available now!

Care Plan Leverage

Care Plan Leverage – Resources and Tools to Build Your Monthly Recurring Revenue – Coming Soon.

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Yes, this LTD is for our Developer account. This gives you access to all Developer level features.

No, some features are specific to the Agency plan, and GridPane 360 is also a separate service. You do get our core suite of features, both past and present, as outlined further up the page.

The LTD comes with a 30 day, no-questions-asked refund period. 

One of the new entrants in this years test, GridPane only competed at the Enterprise tier to likely send a message that says we’re here and we’re serious. Well the results say, welcome to the club. Perfect uptime and the second fastest Load Storm average response time combined with a miniscule 3 total errors on both load tests say GridPane is here to perform. The only improvement I would like to see is better scores on WebPageTest where outside of US/Europe it wasn’t as fast as some of the competition. Overall, happy to see GridPane show us that another Top Tier Enterprise performer is here.

Kevin Ohashi

See the 2020 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks data!

Why WordPress Agencies are Switching to GridPane

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