Cyber Monday Special 2022

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Developer PLUS

Developer PLUS will include all Developer features plus the following:

Site Monitoring + Failover*

Uptime monitoring and automated DNS failover for 50 websites

VALUE: $300/month

Scanning and Patching*

Fully automated WordPress vulnerability scanning and remediation for 50 websites

VALUE: $500/month

Object Cache Pro AND Relay

Object Cache Pro and Relay for one production workload (one website)

VALUE: $342/month

Fortress (Coming Soon!)*

Our custom Enterprise Grade Security Plugin Suite 50 Sites

VALUE: $500/month

Client Portal Sites

Additional 50 Sites inside of the Client Portal (PanelPress)

VALUE: $250/month


Access to Enterprise High Availability Managed Hosting
(Per site fees apply)

VALUE: Priceless???
Combined these features cost a MINIMUM of $1892/month

*PLUS features detailed above will begin rolling out in Q1 2023

Sign Up for Developer Plus Annual and Save $1000

Prices go up at Midnight EST!



How to Get the Deal

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Existing Core, Panel or Developer Monthly Accounts:
To get started, please head over the Settings page inside your GridPane account dashboard, and switch to the Annual plan in your billings settings. 


Below you’ll find a detailed questions and answers video with Patrick and Gen Herres from the community, as well as some additional quick answers to the most common questions we’ve received. If you have any additional questions about the BFCM 2022 promotion, please email:

Developer Plus Q&A Video:

Fortress Security Walkthrough Video:


Yes, this annual pricing is locked in for as long as your subscription remains active. It will only cease to apply if you cancel your subscription or change your plan. 

No. Your Developer account will continue to get new features and updates. Developer PLUS includes additional integrations with 3rd party services and additional sites in the Client Portal (PanelPress).

Developer will always get upgrades, bug fixes, refinement, and future developments of the “core” platform.
New features, things that we never dreamed of years ago, some of those things will live within PLUS, some will live within Agency, some may be whole separate companies/brands/products. But the core functionality that makes Agency possible, for example, is the stack and key features of Developer. And those things will never whither on the vine.

Your Developer LTD will always be yours. If you upgrade to PLUS for a year (or two or five) and then at some point decide it’s not for you, you will still have your Developer LTD.

There is nothing like this on the market currently. It will be absolutely game-changing and it will change the standards by which the entire WordPress ecosystem thinks about security. This is not an exaggeration. If you paid for some distant runner up to this service, like Wordfence, you would pay roughly $10/site per month. To be less secure, especially when combined with the automated scanning and remediation.

By a production workload we’re referring to a WordPress website that’s dynamic and gets a fair amount of traffic.
A high concurrency WooCommerce store or LMS is a prime example of a workload. You get one of those.
This isn’t needed for static sites, but will make an absolutely massive difference for a busy dynamic site.

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