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And… we’re launching. Tada.

I’ve decided to take the Seth Godin route to “launching” a product or service… and not have a huge official launch. I will instead focus on showing up today, February 1st, 2018, and every day from here on out. It is my sincere goal that GridPane as tool, as resource, and as a company, will […]

Trying GridPane (and Digital Ocean) for Free

One of my primary objectives with GridPane is that it be as accessible as humanly possible. And there’s pretty much nothing more intimidating to your basic run-of-the-mill WordPress site owner than “Why don’t you just spin up a VPS node and install this SaaS control panel on it and then you can…” They’re checked out […]

What is Preemptive Support?

One of the single most frustrating things that I ever experienced in website hosting – and I’ve seen a metric-buttload-of-bad – was when one of my customers sites totally folded on itself and… nothing happened. No one did anything. Not the visitors, because they couldn’t visit. Not the client because they never touched their own […]